Apparently installing AC units is worth dying for (20 Photos)

I can see the movie trailer now, Bryan Adams will be serenading us with ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ while we watch slow-mo dramatic shots of ridiculous men hooking up air conditioners. I just hope Michael Bay doesn’t find out about this idea and Sunday shit on the whole movie.

  • FoolOfATook

    Are you sure they're not just trying to steal the copper out of them to sell for scrap?

  • Skool Teecher

    #14 nothing like setting an example in school, this is a classroom, and not in Bulgaria …

  • Howard Letzkus

    Thank god for day laborers

  • Scott

    Hello no…..I would not trust those brackets holding all the weight.

  • Brent Misfeldt

    WTF! What a bunch of dipshits!

  • skinger

    Tom Cruise is not impressed.

  • Lennox York

    Second world problems.

  • Pit_Boss

    Natural selection at work. If you die doing something that stupid, you deserve to be gone. It was probably one of those people who hit me last week in their car while they were talking on the cell phone, smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee.

  • James

    In most of these countries AC is worth more than a human life, so no biggie.

  • Yak Surfer

    Don't these people own shoes?

  • @MelNorrie

    this gave me a heart attack just looking at this. their nuts !!!

    • jimbob

      hey Mel, what you saw their nuts?? you shouldn't have been looking up their pants lol.
      Sorry, bit of a grammer nazi.
      ps you're hot

  • Scuba Steve

    I can think of about 5 different ways that could be accomplished easier.

  • PubicJones

    Another stupid post. Jesus Chive, you guys aren't that great. Don't let it get to your heads.

  • ColaChiver

    #11 …Am i the only one who had to do a double take to make sure that wasn't some Bauwse casually drinking coffee and reaching up a woman's skirt?

  • Xeroxicide

    fall protection? safety? whats that?

  • robzombie9999

    anyone else notice the bent brackets under the dude in #13. i wonder who died on that one

  • RobMS

    I just had 20 mini-heart attacks

  • Nathan Drake

    Clearly they just enjoyed playing Uncharted games too much

  • Notknowing

    Fucking clowns all around. I'm outta here….

  • Shadowwight

    Well, at least there are actually jobs for the guys that were dropped on their heads as babies….

  • jim_b

    They just need Troy from Community and he could just will the AC unit into existence.

  • Highwater Henry

    #14 Meanwhile in America …

  • hunter

    totally worth it

  • Craigery

    Only in (non-) America!

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Fucking nutjobs.

    #12 Just me, or is the guy on the left not really giving his all?

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