Bachelor pads: to inspire or depress, your call. (40 photos)

  • Jimmyschmitz

    Isn't #34 from the golden nugget in Vegas?

  • ColaChiver

    #27 If you can't get laid with this room you need to go ahead and give up.

  • Treeality

    I think we all agree there should be a video about 3 guys squatting in a treehouse trying to become famous on Youtube. And that video is right here: youtube]

  • Roadrage07

    I thought #9 was cool until I realized what he was actually watching. Fail!

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    I was waiting for Patrick Bateman to be standing in a few of those photos. Rooms that look sterile creep me out.

    #9 kicks all sorts of ass though

  • Chris

    #1 That is pretty balln

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    why don't bachelor pads ever have comfortable couches?

  • TCSthesecond

    #25 Awesome use of old barn wood. Has a certain rustic quality that I love!

    • rmx386


      I feel the same way about that one. It, too, has that "classic rustic" quality that I love!

      • TCSthesecond

        only if you think, "a long time ago, in a far away galaxy" is rustic…

  • Matt

    #16 – can we have an HQ of this one?

  • Mark

    I am now bleeding out.

  • Matt

    Thanks, now I'm inspiredly depressed.

  • lowoffer

    #39 = doable

  • Master_Rahl

    #17 #24 #34 Fuck stairs, I'm installing slides in my house. Although, going back up could be a challenge.

  • Joe

    #9 then I jizzed in my pants

  • electric boogalo

    So, bachelor pad architecture = make everything rectangular?

  • Brett Hall

    #31 Great place but no straight man needs that man shoes

  • John Doe

    Chive you gotta stop re-posting so many of the same ones. This is one of my favorite post types of yours but it's kind of a waste when nearly half of the pics are the same from previous bachelor pad posts.

  • Pete

    John Doe Beauty and innovation can be RE-appreciated!!! Chill

  • Nalah

    25 is a hotel…….

  • Notknowing

    #24 WANT

  • Jame

    #29 to me, this is perfect

  • ckron247

    I'll take #16 and #22 please. Or better yet, buy #16 and put #22 in it!

  • Dr. Sidaredes

    Have we confirmed that the inhabitants of ALL of these places are in fact single male's?

  • Dlamp7

    #23 not a bachelor pad, note the purse!

  • Dlamp7

    #24 not a bachelor pad, note the purse!

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