Bachelor pads: to inspire or depress, your call. (40 photos)

  • Squibsorz

    #17 is up for sale. It's poker pro Phil Galfonds pad in NY

  • Wow

    #8 Wow can't believe a table we sell showed up on the Chive…..

  • Rick

    These all make me feel as tho my life is inadequate.

  • Big Mike

    #34 – This is the pool at the Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas. Love this hotel !!

  • Easy

    Number 1 is in the 'Bridal Path' neighborhood in Toronto. Also known as billionaires row. The house is and has been for sale for quite a few years. I know because I've been lusting after it for some time. I believe the current asking price is around 13 million. Here is the spec sheet plus a TON more pictures of the rest of the house.

  • Easy

    Whoops! Forgot the link the the gallery an sales sheet for #1

  • bgilchrist001

    Why did I get married again?

  • Poke4Life

    I'll take #16 with #36 in it, please 🙂

  • NS Chiver

    I'm inspired! Its just too bad I don't have millions of fucking dollars.

  • Alex Cash

    #36 too many balls

  • Sid

    Some guys just have way to much money.

  • Retired Navy

    If I had the money to either buy or build any of these places, I sure as shit would NOT want to see my neighbors houses without the use of binocculars or google earth!!

  • O'doylerules

    Being rich must be nice. My lamp is a cheetos bag, it doesn't really light the room the way a lamp does, but when the moonlight catches the orange tint on the wrapper, I am able to use it as a point of reference so I avoid walking into the table it is on.

  • Retired Navy

    Yeah, but are the persons (or corporations) that own these truly happy???? Probably, but they also probably go to therapy!

  • Hektor

    # 13 is my school, Culinary art school on Tijuana, Mexico. and that part is the Cava, where wine is stored. and reviewed 😉

  • Crews

    There needs to be an ace hotel post. I stated at the one in Seattle and the headboard was a piece of glass with the shower behind it…..very niiice

  • tito12

    #27 Would Get A Ladies Panties Wet Instantly Upon Walking In.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    All that without a woman to make it a home? I'll say just depressing. I'd rather live in a tent with my honey. I pity the man who uses splendor to find a woman, always worrying that if he loses his money, she goes too.

  • sean

    #3 why yes, yes you may use my shower Pretty Lady

  • JohnWaynefan

    Dude, if these are real bachelor pads…I got the wrong plumbing.

  • MRAR

    11# is like a fallout shelter in Kansas

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