Bad Ideas for the Weekend in high-res (36 HQ Photos)

  • Irishfan#5

    #3 and #30 I have seen a million times but they never fail to please!
    #22 will you marry me? My wife and kids will totally understand

  • Andy

    #19, What a hot blonde! Dang! #22, those eyes are simply beautiful. I wouldn't be able to listen to her cause I would get lost in her eyes. That smile of hers has special powers. #33, Wow, her legs look hot in black pantyhose! Love it! #34, Those eyes of hers can make any man do anything! Also #26, Selena Gomez is one sexy and cute at the same time girl. Her voice and laughter with that smile just drives me absolutely NUTS!! I wish we can hear these girls speak. A womans voice is so sexy!

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