Choose your ride (29 HQ Photos)

  • Dingo

    #4. Countach is the perfect blend of kick-assery and 80s childhood nostalgia.

    • Matty

      Thats the amazing thing about lambo. Their cars are ahead of their time. Everyone thinks of the 80s when they see a Countach. Its from the 70s!!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, did see the batmobile…guess I’m walking…

  • Worcester

    What are the odds that I will ever ride any of these?

    FAR, far better than my odds with any of the Newly Single Chivettes :/

  • BladeIcewood

    The 458 Italia MIGHT be the sexiest car of all time

  • Grant

    either #10 #14 or #17

  • AnyoneForCoffee
  • Swamp1983

    Much rather have the 'Stang, the Ducati Monster, and the '55 Bel Air than any of the others on this page.

  • Max

    #10…. hands down….Eleanor is the bitch!!!

  • Bianchi

    #7 no longer a dream for me.
    By the way, it's a $7k bike with bad suspension and not so exciting power. Don't know if it belongs in the same page with the of #10, for example.

    • @slackersavvy

      It's a gateway bike…get you hooked and then you'll be moving into a Softtail or Dyna or VRod

  • John

    #11 sic Volvo bro..

    • Ina

      Shit, beat me to it. Thing is awful. Could've maaaaybe snuck in a custom S60 R, but this is not doing it right.

  • @slackersavvy


    Nightster if I had to; preferably the Streetbob in the background

  • Cools10

    Are you kidding me w #29!!

    • Cools10

      sh*t car

      • Matty

        The only people who think the miata is a shit car know jack shit about cars. Yes, its a little gay, but its honestly one of the best roadsters ever made.

  • Cassells

    The only rides I like are wet ones where I can fire my seamen all over the poopdeck… Being the captain of a boat is great!

  • Sam

    No question #10, Elanor

  • RodneyKing99

    #7 only with a chivette on the back

    • Bianchi

      You did notice it only has one seat?

  • Xo :)

    Muscle cars FTW,
    1967 Chevy Impala is my ultimate dream car 🙂
    I would also like to point out that Dean Winchester in Supernatural drives it, making it 10x more awesome.

  • albert

    Supras or a 250 gto

  • Chim Richels

    Any person not saying the McLaren F1 needs to hand in their drivers's license.

    Values up to $4M and regarded by most as the greatest sports car ever produced.

    For value alone, this should be your top choice. You can purchase most of these others with the value of the McL.

    The Zonda Cinque is amazing, but not street legal in the US.

  • kklb55

    #25 what is that??

  • xxwhodatxx

    WTF is #29 doing on this list. The only reason I’d choose that is for ghost riding off a cliff.

    • Kevin D.

      Good call. I like your style!

  • chicago

    #3 nice car, but where's the other one for the other foot…
    #16 there we go, a pair of slippers.

  • Dmac

    #15 praise the lowered.

  • Ryan Phineas Chandler

    i have chosen and i chose a z06… 'merica

  • bones

    my dream car.. RUF ctr3

  • ruth

    none of car…MOAR FLUFF MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FLUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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