Choose your ride (29 HQ Photos)

  • Big McLarge Huge

    #10 and #7

  • Jesse MacDonald

    #9 indy car? YES PLZ!

  • Tim

    They are all great but that harley is SWEET!!! Maybe that is just my midlife crisis talking…dunno

  • gfunk

    #15 practicality award goes to this guy

  • Per Martin Møller

    I'll take #22 as it is über cool and the only car being produced here in Denmark at the moment, but #1 is a close second. That Koenigsegg Agera stalking the Zonda in front looks menacing .. soon.

  • polish

    #25 clown on that thing for sure


    Cool Post! I'm not even much of a car buff. But these are BAD ASS!

  • Caleb

    The Gaser Belair and Aerial Atom and the Compuware ZO6..

  • Jammy

    #10 #15 But 15 is badass

  • Poke4Life

    I will take one of #6 and one of #25 please!

  • deedee

    Guys c'mon…Buggati …there argument is not valid

  • Fzero

    There's a certain amount of joy in owning a car that's makes lists like these 🙂 Even if the front bumper is terrible

  • Brittany Carney

    #21 The roadrunner always looks better in bright green. That is going to to be mine and my Dad's project one day…..

  • wesley

    #6, #9 (orange car) and #27.

  • Reginald

    #10 #18
    So bad ass!!!

  • Jeremy

    #10 go baby go

  • bacon_bits

    #3 #9 #30

    3 – Because it was THE supercar of my childhood and is still one of the best out there.

    9 – Because it's got the race version of #3. Forget the new orange one.

    30 – Because I'd be getting paid to drive fast.

  • Retired Navy

    Where are the Shelby America Cars??? The ones that Carrol Shelby (RIP) built??? Those are true american hot rods!!

  • da goober

    #7 nuff said

  • Mike Koren

    Where's the love for the built Miata???

    • Scruffy21

      You must be trolling. My lug nuts require more torque than that pitiful1.8-2.0L produces.

  • Scruffy21

    #29 WTF Is a Mazda MX-5/Miata doing in this collection? GTFO with that grossly under-powered poser-mobile. Chive I am disappoint.

    • Chim Richels

      poser mobile? Go to any road course this weekend. There are guys running spec Miatas that will destroy many.

      GREAT cars to learn to track on.

  • Marco Chewball Zarate

    #10 All day. Can't beat the classics

  • Paul

    Camaro…..???? the ninjas stole picture -_-

  • Diditb4u

    I have an NSX
    And love it!!!!

  • its_forge

    I am **ALL** about #15.

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