• mikeltn

    This is the exact reason that America's unemployment rate is ridiculously high. If I owned a business, I could never allow anyone this dumb to work for me.

  • dirty toe nail

    boy those stitches look nice and clean…

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Hahaha. That's my body mod artist. 🙂

  • Phineas Lovewell

    Friggin' idiot….

  • Jruss

    The closest he gets to touch boobs

  • Cin

    What a dumb fuck!

  • Shel

    You know you are a douche bag when……

  • @93Vector

    At first I thought this article was making hyperbole out of someone getting calf implants, which is pretty legit. But this…the stupid is strong with this one.

  • Photek

    Ohhh hipsters…

  • tempest

    "Thanks dude!" – Darwinism

  • Turly

    The Hipster is a constantly evolving species. God Help Us.

  • bmilesjr34

    So…. what are the chances that one of the "boobs" wonders around in his leg????

  • Steve chi town

    What an ass

    • knox

      Don't give him any ideas now! LOL

  • chris

    This is old, and covered in Bizarre magazine, the cavity the implants were put in got infected and he had to get them removed.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who hopes there’s a video rolling when he nicks his leg on something and realizes WTF?

  • Carrots


  • whaaa?

    thanks for your application – we'll get back to you

  • StevieB

    It looks like he tattooed over an unsightly leg-tumor.

  • MAK#1


  • Derp derpderp


  • tybardy

    could have been cool… if it looked at all decent… but it doesn't. FAIL.

    I feel bad for people who do dumb crap like this just for shock value. I have some tattoo's and things like this are what make me regret mine. I love my ink, but when I see idiots like this, it makes me sad to be even closely related to this tool belt in the gene pool.

  • JustTrollin

    What a FREAKING idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cesar

    He says that there was nothing wrong with the implantation procedure, performed by his friend Brian Decker, a New York-based micro-dermal surgeon.

    Read more:


  • BadaBoom

    practice this sentence: You want fries with that?

  • Stupid

    What an idiot

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