If Father’s Day Cards Were Honest. Submit your cards! (Callout)

theCHIVE has teamed up with Adam Sandler's new comedy, That's My Boy, to create a new brand of Father's Day cards, If Father's Day Cards Were Honest.

Let's face it, when we send our dads a Father's Day card, we rush to the local drug store, pick out the corniest card, write the first nice thing we can think of, and stick the card in the mail.

This year, we want the Chivers to create the most honest and funny card they could ever possibly send to their fathers. You can use an actual card and simply snap a photo of it, or even create a card online if you like. As long as it's honest, it's fair game.

Send your submissions to fathersdaychive@gmail.com. One week from today we'll post the top 20 submissions on Monday and let you vote on the funniest Father's Day card. Get creative and be honest!

  • Boothisman

    Adam Sandler movies are shat.

    • Ethix

      But Andy Samberg is good. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Heavy on the cautious.

      • Guest

        andy samberg is annoying as fuck.

    • ColaChiver

      Sadly true … What happened to the Happy Gilmores, the Billy Madisons, hell even the Big Daddys'…..Wtf happened Sandler?

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      sorry chive but i gotta say, y'all pick the worst movies to back… Bucky Larson, now this? really?

  • Lolololol


    • herbnational

      GAY lolololololol

  • winfields

    #1 Well, OK?

  • Brett1087

    When you were a young stud
    And mom was a hot girly
    I'm sure glad
    You didn't pull out early!
    Happy Fathers Day!

  • https://www.facebook.com/josh.brooks.969 Josh Brooks

    THIS MOVIE WAS HYSTERICAL!!! I got a screening last week

    • KO617

      Cool story bro.

    • Jawbone

      God, I'll bet he talked like a retard at some point! Fucking original!!!

  • dan

    Adam sandler was only marginally funny 15 years ago, now hes just pathetic

    • Anon

      Happy Gilmore and films around that time were hilarious.

  • Nick

    Thumbs up if Billy Madison is your favorite Adam sandler movie!

    • Koont

      I prefer Happy Gilmore

      • Ethix

        Oh and Miss, diet?

      • Nick

        Also a good one

    • tempest

      The Wedding Singer.

      • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

        the beginning of the end

  • Dave

    Thumbs up if Spanglish is your favorite Adam Sandler movie!

    • Kristi

      Loved Spanglish

  • Bob

    Thumbs up if Little Nicky is your favorite Adam Sandler movie!

  • Guest

    Thumbs up if you think "Waterboy" was the best Adam Sandler movie.

  • Adam

    Thumbs up if Punch Drunk Love is your favorite Adam Sandler movie!

    • jeff donuts

      that was the fucking stupidest movie. when my bro rented it i was really fucking pissed. hate that movie

  • shite

    thumbs up if poopoopeepeecaca was your fav adam sandler movie!

  • L_E_Ott

    The best happy madison movie doesn't have Sandler in it: Grandma's Boy!

    • Scruffy21

      And even that one was hit or miss.

  • Rob

    Who else got their KCCO BLACK shirt yesterday?

  • http://sorryforpartyingimnotsorry.tumblr.com/ THEClesusChrist

    Chive just sloooooooowly selling out huh?

    • Veteran

      Gotta pay the bills. At least the tag them as sponsored so they are easy to avoid.

      • Idius

        That's like saying at least they let us comment on this one rather than the past few that have comments disabled… I mean sure it kind of redeems the shit but it's still bull.

        • mcfadinj

          And what would you do in their situation? That's what I thought.

          • Idius

            Stop making them look like the galleries/videos that we actually like and put them into the little bubbles where they put the links to galleries from theBrigade, theBerry, and theThrottle. That or just keep them as the little banners like they have with the current Pacquiao/Bradley ad or the Chivery ads.

            I mean, I got a shirt just because I was scrolling through after I missed out on the KCCO an theChive shirts. The reputation amongst the Chivers gets us to look anyway and those who aren't looking probably wouldn't be motivate by some silly banner…

            It's not like this is Cracked.com and the banner is for Snoggs tees or whatever…

            I totally understand the gotta pay the bills part and I don't think they are selling out yet. However, without someone in your ear warning you of the mistakes you could make, you have a greater chance of making them.

            I believe that it was Julius Caesar or Marcus Aurelius that supposedly had a servant with him to say "You are just a man."

            Without someone to say hey you are really getting close to being sellouts, they might actually sellout.

            At any rate I'm babbling.


            • mcfadinj

              You need to remember just where you are. You are in the comments section of theChive. When was the last time you saw a half-way intelligent post in the comments section (barring yours; you actually have something to say)? It's rare that someone says anything here worth thinking about. If theChive EVER listened to ANYONE in the comment section since they started this website, I can guarantee you that there wouldn't be a site right now.

              "Chive just sloooooooowly selling out huh?" This is ridiculous. First of all, they already sold out when they started any type of advertising. Now we are just looking at different shades of grey.

              • Idius

                Thank you for the compliment, I greatly appreciate it. I'd like to complement you for pointing out that we are essentially looking at different shades of grey. I must agree that you win through an excellent combination of realism and your opinion. Mine was based on ideals and hypothetical situations that sound nice, but your argument was based on fact.

                theChive isn't my website and recommending anything is essentially backseat driving. They will do what they want and it will probably be the best move for them. While my ideas/suggestions might sound nice (to me at least) the fact is that theChive is successful doing what it's doing.

                I don't mind the advertising like i was saying before, it's just that the disabled comments bug me. I go to the advertising and watch it (except that Tosh.0 one because screw him and send the Comedy Central office some cheese) just so they will keep getting advertising revenue.

                At any rate, I must agree that your point were solid. The last time I saw an intelligent comment was when there was that huge debate on the gay marriage stuff in the comment section a few weeks ago (maybe a month or so… time is a bitch), but at the same time there was a huge amount of less-than-desirable responses. As I said before you were right to point out that I was backseat driving from the comment section. I also appreciate that you did it in a nice way.

                Congratulations! I hope you have an excellent upcoming weekend good sir or madam/mademoiselle. I will try to remember this exchange the next time I decide to comment on how theChive is handling its business.


  • JMc

    "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    The email account that you tried to reach does not exist."


    • HumpDan

      …"I feel like I'm forgetting something"

  • MasterBlaster

    Thumbs up if your a movie industry plant trying to promote this shitty movie!

    • giggity

      honestly, how hard is it to figure out "your" and you're"?

  • bawlz

    man, Adam Sandler really isn't even trying anymore…sad really.

    • Megan_

      If you were that rich, would you try anymore?

      • Integrity


  • Someshmuck

    Dear dad,
    Over the years you've given me lots of great advice and now I'm returning the favor. Don't go see Adam sandlers new movie.

  • Lunch_Box

    I see hating on Adam Sandler movies is the Hipster thing to do now. Fucking Hipsters.

    • Guest

      yeah. it has nothing to do with his shitty movie output. heavens, no…..

      • Lunch_Box

        Point and match!

  • dan

    stop selling out to adam sandler the chive, your last promo of nick swardsons "bucky larson" scored a whopping 0 on rotten tomatoes

  • http://www.micksmessages.com Mickey

    I just tried and the email wasn't valid?

  • Travis

    Didn't Rodney Dangerfield make a movie like this already?

  • Guest

    Sandler is getting the last laugh….He's thinkin he doesn't have to spend an entire year writing a quality script. He JUST makes MILLIONS on 3 crappy ones every year!

  • James

    I love that Sandler movie where he is a screw up, but amazingly in the end he gets the girl.

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