Jean-Claude Van Damme has a daughter (11 Photos)

Meet Bianca Bree, the 21-year-old daughter of Double Impact.

  • Rick

    I'd like to strap her on like a military issued gas mask

  • steelers4385

    Can we get more of her chive?

  • Cybberia

    Is it just me or does Van Damme look way too much like Leonard from Big Bang Theory?

  • James

    Jean Claude is back…in dad leach form! Move over Billy Ray!



  • Retired Navy

    Wonder what would happen if some douche mistreats her???

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Can she do the splits while balancing on two chairs? Please God let her be able to do that!

  • SquashAss

    #2,#3,#4 Lower body like a mo-fo! And she's approachable, because you know her dad can't kick your ass! It's not like he's Chuck Norris or anything.

  • themigzo

    But then after her pops will give you one of thoses junk upper cuts like the fat dude in bloodsport

  • pete

    No, my father does mind…
    I don't care about your fathe..uh oooh

  • nuccabay

    shes pretty hot, but she wears ed hardy… #10

  • KAG

    Wow, hope we see more of her!

  • johkur

    Van Daaaaaaaaaamn!

  • joe

    FYI her dad has a 18-1 kickboxing record…

  • JustTrollin

    She's gorgeous. But imagine meeting her dad. Only possible scarier dad would be Chuck Norris…

  • treyjo31

    i would take an ass kicking from daddy damme to get some of that!

  • fresh.ta.death


  • Colonel Mustard


  • Anonymous

    Please be legal in picture 7.
    Please be legal in picture 7.
    Please be legal in picture 7.
    Please be legal in picture 7.

  • LukeTheTerrible


  • aszek395

    Looks like someone I'd like to give 'double impact' too
    #2 #4

  • Al Coats

    who is the midget next to her with the funny glasses ?

  • Tim Hamilton

    #9#11why post pics of when they are children. Now I can't see the woman. Now I'm reminded she's someone's daughter. Thanx for nothing.

  • ScottyD63

    Nice but in an average kind of way.

  • hmcby

    #2,#4 JCVD has a hot Daughter for sure, but I bet he is one dad that does not need to be cleaning his gun when boys come calling.

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