• Bradyized

    AHAHAHAHAHA what a boss!!!

  • Rupert

    I'd sing too if I got some buttsecks.

  • Captain_Kyle

    And now I can't get that out of my head.

  • RyanJinjer

    "I just had seeeex, and it feeelt so good!" haha I had a cockatiel that looked just like him

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.downs Chris Downs

    So I guess that's birdy-style?

  • MinervaMink

    I was watching this at work…I got a couple of really weird looks..
    by the way…I feel really violated.

  • leatherface224


  • yoselahonda

    Some very family friendly music after some not-so-family-friendly activity…wait does that make sense?

  • Bee

    …What the fuck did I just watch?

  • Ying Yang

    Its not whistle while you work, its Whislte while you twerk by the ying tang twins,

    whistle while you twurk, go head and start and make that pussy fart, and whistle while you twurk"

  • Ireland4517

    I am going to try this tonight….see if they wife is agreeable.

  • lovebeingachivette

    i did wonder why i had to watch bird sex for so long before the song.

  • http://theCHIVE.com ROXANNE

    I don’t get it,how ever made this is a idiot,poes mal •

  • Boomer

    Cockatiels are really smart birds, they'll pick up on just about any song you want to teach them. My old one used to chime in and sing along whenever X-Files came on TV, and would chirp back at R2-D2 whenever I was watching Star Wars.

  • adg

    She let him wore his chain and turtle neck sweater…

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    dafuq did I just watch?

  • NelPit

    Sometimes, you just gotta crow about it.

  • ccc

    Ah, the Sideways Parrot. Every time I try that on my wife she growls like a dog. I wish I had that parrot's dick!

  • Jezdezpez

    UGH, what the fuck did I just watch

  • Tom

    Happens to me all the time! :-p

  • tic

    Could be Hap-Hap-happy Day

  • Frumpus

    cockatiel != parrot

  • twoedges

    That bird is a boss. All of you that are complaining about this video are non-pu$$y getting blue-ball having haters. It's been so long since you had some that you forget how it feels to step over her and whistle your "had sex" tune after you finish.

  • Bdrizzletwizzle

    Thats not how the pigeons do it!!

  • wjaram

    If I lasted as long as he does I'd be singing too

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