• Picard_

    Well played Julio Diaz! The world could use a few more people like you. Chive on good sir.

    • chivepolice

      racist much?

    • RealZoo

      @Zach Morris…… have so much to learn about life.

    • Alex Cash

      9gag/trending. posted days ago

      • Jasper

        Its waaay older than that but no one was going to be as big a douche bag as you decided to be. It's not so much timely as it is inspiring. Welcome to the internet.

      • Jules

        People on 9gag post things from the Chive all the time. Silencio, old man!

        • JamesRodriguez

          really??? LOL

      • Desi

        And it was reported in the news in 2008; so what's your point? Do you even have a point, or are you just trying to be the big man on campus? Either way, you look like an ass. Now shut up and go fuck yourself in the corner

    • Proud Chiver


    • eino

      I have been held at knife point before and I never could have done that……takes serious balls to even look back in that persons eye's. well-played sir, I never could have done that.

    • mattythegooch

      Me and Julio, down by the school yard……..

      • Caleb

        Julio should get a cabin more than the fella that lost his limbs for oil and greed.

    • Underbaker

      I will most likely stir up some feces here, but I just had to say this is what Jesus told his followers what they should do. "Luke 6:29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek also. If someone demands your coat, offer your shirt also." Now I don't know if Julio is Christian or not, but this is something you should expect from a Christian and it is ashamed that you don't. That is the shame is on the Christians for not living up to this standard we have been given so others could expect it from us. KCCO and I will try to be a better one.

  • Vickri Subiana

    very touching

    • Dick Salad

      In all honestly I thought this was going to turn into another "like dis if you cry evertim" story…

  • NateyTheGreaty

    I know I couldn't be that calm in that sort of situation, and probably wouldn't even think about being generous towards someone who would attempt to steal from me. But it definitely makes you think about how the world needs more random acts of kindness, and how many of us can do a lot more than we already do.

    • musclerobot

      The world can be an amazing place given the right circumstances. Given other circumstances…. this could have ended poorly so good on both of the people involved. Julio did a great thing and the teen did just as great a thing (after the whole armed robbery thing) he listened to a genuine person.

      That being said, if I get robbed at knife point, I'm going to whimper and cry like a man, not give the guy more stuff like a demigod.

      • Terry

        I wish I lived a world where people weren't pitied or rewarded for robbing someone at knife point.

        Makes me sad fr all the people who have little to nothing, yet would never dream of sticking a knife in someones face so they can buy a pack of smokes.

        You know, decent human beings. Not this little POS.

        • dub

          Everyone makes mistakes, Terry. Some people have never seen the sweeter sides of life that we take for granted.

          There are many forgotten and desperate people who only know one way to live — at least until they're shown a more gentle and loving reality.

          You're really very lucky to have been taught the importance of morals at some point in your life. It has allowed you to grow as a part of our society and blossom into a righteous person.

          Not everyone is this lucky. But if you learned it, surely he can too.

          • skippy

            so, it's not their fault for robbing someone? Robbing someone is not a mistake. they know what they are doing, it is a choice

            • dub

              It is a choice, and most of us would agree it's the wrong choice, but surely you have made some bad choices in your life. Most of us probably wouldn't know what it's like to be at a level of desperation bad enough to consider robbing someone at knife point for a few bucks. Maybe he doesn't know how to seek help, maybe this is how he sees his comrades get the things that they want, maybe he's unemployable, hungry, and alone.

              Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We don't do things mindlessly, we do them for a reason, and sometimes a third party cannot relate. He made a bad choice (or many bad choices), but he's still a capable human worthy enough to do some good in this world.

              If anything, this whole post is centered around the idea of Compassion. Try it. You might get your own post on thechive someday.

              • Frank

                Hey, do you remember those girls who stole from the girl guide?

                The girl guide should have given them the cookies along with the money.

                • Frank

                  Except they at least didn't shove a knife in anyone's face.

                  One of the biggest problems of today is that personal responsibility is giving away to apologists who come up with a myriad of reasons why that guy who just stole some money at knife point is the real victim.

                  • dub

                    Not sure if anyone said he's the real victim. By the sounds of it, Julio didn't consider himself a victim either, so is the boy a criminal? If you punch me in the face and I forgive you and we go have a beer, are you a criminal? Or did you just make a stupid (drunken? immature?) mistake?

                • dub

                  I don't, as a matter of fact. I'm not saying that the world is black and white and we should not see crime for what it is – but only that as a witness or a victim of someone else's bad choice, you also have choices. Most people will choose the one that saves them (run, fight, give them your money and accept your losses).

                  Julio chose that one that could potentially save both of them. So he risked more of his life, time, and money because he might have been able to help another living soul. That's selfless and it's compassionate.

                  • Frank

                    It was posted on the chive, maybe last week. None of the comments I read were "turn the other cheek" in nature. I guess it has to do with how well package the feel good story is.

                    I wish that good people got the breaks, and bad people had to deal with their mistakes. IMO, that would make the world a better place.

                    The naivety that bad people just need a hug to see the error of their ways does more harm than good in the long run, and will only serve to create more victims.

                    • Frank

                      As I said, just look at the news.

                      I live in Canada, where the hug a thug mentality is alive and strong. I believe there is currently a 13 year old boy clinging to life with a bullet in his head, because some judge gave a gang member house arrest so he could turn his life around.

                    • dub

                      That's kind of vague. Link?

                    • dub

                      I'm not talking about hugging anyone. People who are driven to commit crimes do so because they are missing something. They want or need something and this is how they plan on getting it. If someone's ultimate goal is to see other people suffer and die, for whatever reason, then he/she probably can't be reasoned with and should be treated as a danger to the population.

                      But a teenage kid robs a man at knife point… What do you think he wants? Well it might be worth trying to find out. You give a man a fish (your money, out of fear for your life, of course), he'll eat for a day. You teach a man to fish (provide better insight as to how he can make money without getting shot or arrested or hurting other people – or just teach him to be a decent human), and he might be able to figure out the shit that his parents never taught him.

              • Terry

                The point is to learn from your mistakes, not be rewarded for them.

                Why is when I hear of people being killed, the killer is usually: "out on bail" "known gang member" " previous multiple convictions".

                It's because of attitudes like this which makes the criminal into the victim. And real victims die everyday as a result.

                • dub

                  If you'd like to do some reading, I'd suggest looking into the national re-offense rates and let me know how that's working.

                  Victims & Criminals and Victims & Criminals – We're all people. We should be able to relate a little bit. We're all victims. And we're all criminals, no matter how squeaky clean you are. So what is a "Criminal" and why should we have no regard for their story?

                  He's a teenage boy. If you think running him through the system is a better first option than trying some human compassion, then I suppose all us 'criminals' have lost.

                  • Frank

                    I'm sure that's the logic the judge used, and why several people are dead.

                    Is it better for that one criminal to be "run through the system" or for 3 people to be gunned down?

                    Like you said: Give the kid a lesson that his parents didn't teach him. That your actions have consequences.

                    • Frank

                      It's usually only the criminals who get that second chance. The real victims are denied that.

                    • dub

                      Did you take your sunglasses off whilst saying that?

    • PT-HT

      Yeah If this had been me i would of pulled out concealed carry gun and said"dummy you brought a knife to a gun fight" before shooting him. Would never of thought to try and kill him with kindness…

  • Andrew Luthi

    This is an amazing story. I would have never thought anyone would do this after being mugged. well played and chive on

    • Frank

      Its a nice story.

      Like a rape victim putting on sexy lingerie to make it a better experience for their attacker.

  • etcrr

    Julio Diaz is in fact a local hero, God Bless him

    • dub

      pics or it didn't happen.

      I mean really — who's to say that this actually happened?

      Some guy writes an email and includes his photo and suddenly it's truth? Okay

  • Attaxia

    Let's hope the kid takes something from this experience

    • Magic Mike

      He did, it was a free meal and $20!

      • Maffu

        Lol – winner.

  • Brian

    I would the kid in the head.

    • Magic Mike

      You need to learn about verbs.

      • G Monie

        This comment literally made me laugh out loud. Well played sir.

        • Same shit

          Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. Well played sir. You sir. You sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar you sir are a gentleman and a scholar….you my good sir

          • musclerobot

            How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!

            now have your fun and run back to ludwig van before you get repetitive stress disorder from trolling.

            • the dutch suck

              Naughty, naughty, naughty! You filthy old soomka!

              • Aaron

                Things really escalated quickly here!

      • Brian

        Go yourself.

    • ChiCity

      The kid should push you off the platform…hoping you hit the 3rd rail.

      Then the world would be a better place.

  • SUPer4Life

    Mr. Diaz is a better man than I…I guess I'll keep trying….and Chiving On of course….

  • Bubbles

    Here in Texas we would have shot him….Tango Uniform….DRT….

    • john


    • Imzkid

      All of you?

      • TexasTheState


      • klrsrt

        Everybody except for the Austin people, they got a lil' too much sugar in their britches…

        • Jammy

          Whhoooooaaaaaaa I'm from Austin and we shoot them too! ;). Yes Austin is a "socially liberal" and there is a reason they "Keep Austin Wierd". But not all of us dance in the blue bonnets.

          • KyleGamgee

            Okay I don't know what's happening here now…

    • Filbur

      more evidence that TX is a shitty place filled with shitty people…

      • Morgan Freeman

        Agreed, i need to get the fuck out of this hick state!

        • Brother Maynard

          whatever you do, don't come to D.C. it's about as much fun as watching paint dry.

  • chiveon

    Some faith in humanity has been restored!

  • Mr X

    Legan… wait for it…. dary.

    • kigero


      • Yoga Pants 2012

        Hybrid for vegans…

    • Gob Bluth

      Arrested…. wait for it….Development. Yes man, yes.

  • Magic Mike

    It would've been a cooler story if Julio nun-chucked his ass, then went to the diner and banged a hot waitress on the table as a crowd applauded. Nevertheless, kudos Julio.

    • Hunter X

      Nicely done! (He needs to diffuse a bomb, too)

      • Falthor

        nah that would be the Michael Bay Official movie of Julio's Life…

    • Joe

      Him banging the kid would have been even nicer hmmmmm

      • @FLRescue

        I laughed

  • ThePatriot

    damn tears to my eyes

    • Hunter X

      Yea- I think they had onions with that meal.

    • mid13

      the ventilation in this room needs to be fixed..must be the dust.

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    Way to KCCO!

  • BOoRadley

    Wow, you may have changed that kids life, if not forever at least just for that night. You definitely made me think of how to handle a bad situation. Chive on good sir.

  • vvv

    Faith in humanity – yet again restored!

  • The Man

    What Chivers do!

    • Cali

      He's not a Chiver.

      • haeddre

        How do you know he's not a Chiver?

        • Cali

          I asked him when I mugged him the other day.

    • 48uj3

      isn't half as awesome as what he does.

    • Bill Clinton

      Do you read the comments on here, not all chivers are awesome. there still those douche bags out there.

  • melindu

    Lets hope he didn't use the $20 to buy another knife :

  • SirBoobsalot

    That makes me want to be a better man.

  • NotAshyAshie


  • Xman357

    Jesus Christ did the same for us. God Bless Julio

    • Darwin

      Jesus was just some dude that got made out to be something more special than he really was. If someone 70 years from now wrote about Michael Jordan, and only through word of mouth, they would make it seem like he could shit out golden basketballs and fly like superman.

      • Wylie

        Wow, managed to slam jesus and his airness in that comment. You're either from Miami, or just a Grade A dick-knuckle.

        • Sterling Archer

          Dick-knuckle is going into my lexicon of insults, thank you good sir.

    • Mitt Romney

      I don't remember Jesus taking me out to dinner……..

      • Communion

        Here, eat my flesh…and wash it down with some of my blood.

        • haeddre

          Mmm cannibalism…

    • Brother Maynard

      *insert comment making fun of/intentionally being defamatory about jesus to sound edgy here*

    • Frank

      I vote Julio to be the next Jesus.

  • Auret Van Zyl

    Simple comment for this —-> "Like a boss!"

    • @pro7otype

      Held up like a boss?
      Good work Julio, lets hope he uses what he learned from you

  • Ed Martinez

    When facing adversity one must always KCCO! Great ppl stand out like Mr Julio .. You sir are a great Human being.

  • haak

    And when Julio tried this again, he was stabbed several times. He now sits in a wheelchair and has a hole in his stomach through which he poops in a plastic bag.

    • Shaking My head

      cmon man. not cool

    • TigerLily2012

      Welcome to the Chive, is this your first time? This is not the type of thought process or attitude that Chivers have. Go get yourself an attitude adjustment and a smarter thought process and come back when you are mature enough for this site.

  • Pikesville

    This is a great story. Wouldn't work in Baltimore.

    • TigerLily2012

      Because of that type of attitude it wouldn't. Don't be so close minded.

      • Pikesville

        I love great attitudes and open minds as much as the next Chiver but don't try this.

    • C-spot

      Crawl in a hole and die then. Because you are ruining it for the rest of us with a little hope left.

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