Wearing a bra is 7 years bad luck (32 photos)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take your photo and submit. As usual we get many more submissions than we can actually use, but your photo may show up next week. One trick to get featured is to show your gorgeous face. To submit your Burnsday photos, click HERE and type Burnsday in the subject line. Thanks!

  • MikeSwoll

    #45 2 options: marry me or post more 😉 ur gorgeous

  • Guest

    #27 moar moar moar

  • johnnystyle

    It's like looking at one of those 3D pictures, and the hidden photo is boobies.

  • Ralph

    #10 NIPPLE!!!!!!!

  • pkleberg

    #33 you are a cutie

  • heywood jablome

    #10 i like your attitude. and your boobies! Chive on!

  • David

    #33 I can get lost in those eyes

  • Chicago Sean

    #35 Oh Maggie

  • RichG.

    I have read a few articles that say based on medical research wearing bras over a long period of time have been linked to causing breast cancer. If true why are women wearing them to begin with? #1, #4, #6, #21 and #28 FTW.

  • Larry

    best surprise ever with this late post.

  • T-rex

    #10 your fucking hot, don't let some dip shit tell you different… I'd take a run at you 😉

  • sam84944

    #10 I'm throwing the Bullshit Flag at you! If you didn't care what anyone thought, you wouldn't have worked to get your figure back, nor would you have submitted a pic! Your rant is proof that chicks have no idea that what they say is nowhere near what they mean, and that "female logic" is a fallacy. Stick to the phallus-y!!

  • atlboy

    DAYAM … whew!

  • Patch adams

    #45 DAMN

  • Brandon

    #8 all I can say is “thats was up!!!!!!!!!”

  • zgl

    #10 – hope u care what i think: even compared to women who have never had kids, u have a rockin' body!

  • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

    #9 #11 #45
    The best you've had on burn it in a while moarrrrr

  • Ghost

    #45 made me bite my lip.

  • https://www.facebook.com/blake.mcrae.5 Blake McRae

    Hey to you too number 1!!!

  • KCCOrazorback

    #45 winner winner titty dinner

  • heyboss692004

    #1 blake who? blake me?

  • Old Chiver

    #20 — You are absolutely amazing! Thank you.

  • Mike

    #45 MOAR!!!!!!

  • Shane

    #'s 1, 16, 34, 44 & 45 are my future ex wives….mmm gorgeous

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryant.cabezas Bryant Cabezas

    #2 Viva Colombia! From a Colombian Chiver 🙂

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