Wearing a bra is 7 years bad luck (32 photos)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take your photo and submit. As usual we get many more submissions than we can actually use, but your photo may show up next week. One trick to get featured is to show your gorgeous face. To submit your Burnsday photos, click HERE and type Burnsday in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Adam

    43 you are gorgeous, and is that picture taken at Lake Powell AZ/UT?

  • Adam

    #43 you are gorgeous, and is that picture taken at Lake Powell AZ/UT?

  • Cory

    #16. Daaaaaaaaamn
    Need a face shot now

  • Thunderchicken


  • KapitanGuarniz
  • michael1922100

    #27 Great tits, what else can you say?

  • Spanky

    #27 very nice.

  • http://thechive.com F3n1x187

    #10 wow! Mad props!!!

  • AmazingTitties

    #27 Wow! My new favorite Burnsday photo. Moar!

  • Foofees

    I think she burned more than her bra #4. WHY COULDN'T THAT HEV BEEN ME IN THAT PONTIAC?!?! #34 anywhere you say? Hows about we stop by brown town? #37 #45 needs to use that number to call me!! I need MOAR of all four of them

  • Txboy84

    Excellent burnsday!! Thank you chivettes!!!

  • Big D

    #13 yummy, who?

  • Paul

    #41 moar asians with purple hair…and no bra's

  • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.lass.39 Kevin Lass

    #34 & #37 we need so much MOAR!!!! of !!!!!!

  • Thor86

    MOAR of #45

  • PhotoPhreak

    #10 should go back to parenting and not worry about what a bunch of Chivers think…just my 2c…

  • WakaFlockaFlame

    Please be my future ex-wife.

  • Tjjj24
  • burdman10

    I love the actual real Chivette's compared to internet photos!

  • alllllll


  • AJG

    #45 find her!!!

  • ouchie

    i believe #16 and #18 are both my favorite in this post today 🙂

  • AcSlayer10

    #28, thanks for giving us ALL a present

  • Big Al

    But #3 IS wearing a bra

    • BamaBabe

      Indeed sir…I've sent in numerous other legit "Burnsday" pictures they just havent made it yet 😦

  • Jawbone

    #10 Good thing, because those pancake udders look sucked to death.

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