Wearing a bra is 7 years bad luck (32 photos)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take your photo and submit. As usual we get many more submissions than we can actually use, but your photo may show up next week. One trick to get featured is to show your gorgeous face. To submit your Burnsday photos, click HERE and type Burnsday in the subject line. Thanks!

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  • Bill Clinton

    #40…. Will you marry me? ; ) lol

  • Jacob B.


    i love you.

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #11 #27 #33 are my favorites Chivettes in this post. Gorgeous ladies!!!!

  • Tec

    Who is #9 ???? Wow.

  • http://twitter.com/J_M_J @J_M_J

    #26 kcco from an Omaha chiver

  • hey_cw

    mother of god, let the fap go. maybe thee best post?

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.munn.9 James Munn

    #40 MOAR of her!! 🙂


    #24 CHIVE you should do a SIDE boob post

  • Tim

    #10, the only thing sexier than a great belly is a woman who throws out excuses and stays hot by working her ass off. You get double sexy points for your attitude.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003819257724 AL EX

    #16 #33 #44 MOAR! ME GUSTA!

    • lethchivette

      Thanks bud, I'll do my best to give theChive MOAR 😉

  • jim

    #46 so sexy moar

    • SmileAlready

      I think Jim is right on this one. Her bum is silly hot.

  • Azchiver

    #10 your not ugly babe id give you two more;D

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #29 EMAW!!!!! 🙂

  • inspector32

    #4 if this is 1st time laying out this year, why you already have tan lines?

    • anonymous

      She was probably tanning her front side and switched. Hence being burnt

  • http://twitter.com/Thedude_1620 @Thedude_1620

    #9 #33 #45 MOAAAAR!!!!!

  • Andrew

    #20 wow!

  • drbman

    #35 you my friend are beautiful.

  • chicago

    #2 #12 #14 #25 #27 #47 …rack-tastic! chivettes. many thanks, cheers to you. bye~

  • oilfield bill

    #40 is the winner good god Im in love xoxoxoxo 😉

  • Justhrowit

    Quite possibly the best looking women on Earth

  • Lou

    #17 Moar please.

  • yep

    #17 is a must find. Sexiest pic ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/xdba3x Blake Atkins

    #1 Hi! Haha!

  • yep

    #18 needs to be found

  • Cowboy1354

    #37 Anywhere and everywhere!

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