You are not a photographer (30 Photos)

Nor are you a professional Photoshopper for that matter

  • DaddyD


  • Navin R. Johnson

    #18 the simpsons……….

    • tempest

      New meaning to "toe headed" yeesh. : /

  • BomberMan

    what exactly was messed up in this picture? i only see boobs.

  • I don't know

    You mean they didn't invent all te funny content on the internet? Say it isn't so.

  • ozioziozioioioioioi

    #5 chunky salsa

  • Myblueharry

    Oy vey! I have too many comments to make. Just wow…

  • Brian J Castro

    #14….BEWBS….also that would be the scariest bj. ever.

    • Hunter X

      Doesn't matter. Had sex.

  • @naiblink

    good lord look at the hoo hoos on #14

    • Hunter X

      Virgin much? A hoo-hoo is a vagina. I don't see multiple vaginas there…

  • Crash13

    #16 "Did I say stop, bitch??"

  • Dusty

    #24 A country girl wouldn't be wearing flip flops in an animal pen. Just because you went to the state fair doesn't make you country.

  • john

    #16 suck it!

  • RGH

    This continues to be the thread that disturbs me the most. Thanks for the creepiness Chive.

  • G'wan bi

    Is it weird that some of these make me oddly nauseated?? No idea why….

  • Pants

    Every single photo simply makes me ask "Why…?"

  • Guy on a Buffalo

    #24 False. You are wearing sandals. In a barn. Around cattle. Not a smart move.

  • Yadda Yadda yadda

    As a photographer, I feel a lot better about myself if this is my competition.

  • Takingbackcider

    Why blank out the names of the photographers!? People need to know who these terrible people are!

  • Busternut

    #26 That explains Heath Ledger' Joker's psychological problems

  • Noegod

    #14 I'm creeped out and turned on at the same time!

  • Zaedrus

    AKA: Photographers Full of WTF

  • BigManJones

    #16, it ain't gonna suck itself

  • Bill G


  • tacklebox


  • Aksarben

    This gallery should be called photo derps! Omg these are horrible…

  • Kevin

    #16. While you're down there. Looking for that money shot.

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