You are not a photographer (30 Photos)

Nor are you a professional Photoshopper for that matter

  • doctorjoshie


    I didn't really need to sleep tonight or ever again anyway. Thanks, Chive!

  • WhuT

    #11 made me dizzzy.

    #15 looks legit

  • Hellequin_Bull

    #25, Nightmares!


    I dont know who to blame more…the person taking these shitty pics…or the dumbasses in em :s

  • Adriana

    The fuck????

  • gm99

    Sir please kill yourself now. The sweet embrace of death is infinitely preferable to that hellbeast you have joined yourself to.

  • pat

    Hey. Were down here!

  • Morgan

    #14 nice! #25 creepy as shitt the rest WOW……. terrible

  • Tyler Sadler

    seems like this would be a post traumatic death photo of the whole group involved.

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