1994 McLaren F1 vs New MP4-12C (29 HQ Photos)

  • Anonymous

    If you aint FIRST yer last.

  • tomo_james

    I'd have a MP4 in a shoot, just need to find the ££££ 😀

  • Jammy

    mp4 for me.

  • escchr

    guess im not a car guy, they look the same to me.

  • Mar

    It's all about the McLaren F1-LM, only 5 out there and worth around 4-5 million. It's the last pic

  • imbizzle

    I'd be happy with what ever one you wanna give me. I can get a lot of crack with either.

  • Kenny

    #2 I'll take the white one!

  • PubicJones

    Stupid post. Fuck you Chive.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674105656 Jordan Tunnicliff

      9gag is on the other side of town, you can't miss it. Lot of people like you. Now go have fun.

  • SupraJeeper

    The MP4 looks boring. Supercars are supposed to grab your attention even when sitting still. The F1 does that. The MP4 looks pretty blah in comparison needs to be moving to be even remotely interesting.

    The F1 also has a real shifter and the correct number of pedals. MP4 has that stupid flappy paddle crap. Paddles may be faster but for people who like to drive jabbing the third pedal and rowing gears is where it's at.

    • SupraJeeper

      And if The Throttle gets shut down I will be flipping pissed.

  • CWP

    F1 all day. The silver F1 is the one in the window at the BMW dealership on Park Lane in London. I think.

  • Joe

    F1 baby! Even though both rides are a piece of art.

  • Jeremy

    The new one is nice, but gotta love the history behind the classic.

  • Notknowing


  • North

    I love the MP4-12C. But the F1 was the fastest, and probably one of the best cars of its time.

  • Visitohr

    F1 is my fav supercar of all times

  • mrjimmyos

    Chive! Awesome post! My two favorite modern cars:D My dad nearly ended up working for Mclaren. Stellar car maker.
    Also, #29 is a Mclaren colour alright 😀



  • ilikegirls

    I just bought one last week! love the 94. way better sitting in the middle!

    • Matty

      Yes, because people who have 3-5 million dollars to blow on a supercar must be chiving in the middle of a week day.

  • Matty

    F1 = analog, MP4-12C = digital. Its all about taste. I'd prefer the F1, but im not going to deny that the MP4 is an amazing piece of engineering.

  • bacon_bits

    I commented on this yesterday with the dream car post… F1 over the MP4-12C all day.

  • http://twitter.com/justopadron_126 @justopadron_126

    Im in love

  • GSXRMike

    As I scroll through the pics, I just keep picturing myself in one, on I-95, just opening her up and letting her scream. How awesome would that be.

  • Karl

    The MP4 just isn't crazy enough. You might as well buy an aston or a lambo for cheaper. The F1 is still the stuff my childlike dreams are made of.

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  • khadzk

    I wouldn't fall in love if I saw MP4 first.

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