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  • John From Accounting

    #54 Passes the pencil test …… no questions asked

  • Huey

    Hey John, how about a whole post for Deborah Ann Woll? There's a reason why the blind are suddenly granted sight in her presence, she's the most stunning redhead in the world!

  • Jay

    This is the best picture ever posted on the chive! Please send MOAR!!!! Show us ur smile!

  • mike

    #8 and #18 need to be found

  • steven

    #54 kinda sparks intrest in a possible *body paint category….

  • ozioziozioioioioioi

    #30 look out cytherea.
    #31 hot , but too much freakin shit on the face.

  • Ben

    #8 is the best yet….MOAR please

  • Brian

    Good god, scrolling back to see #8 again

  • ToRo

    We're slowly gaining turf in the States. The chicks dig us too!

  • concerned chiver

    chive needs a body paint link of its own

  • heyJJ

    #8 my photo of the week.

  • Jason M. Filak

    #44 why so sad?

  • David

    #42 Anyone tried that number yet?

  • wil.iam.not

    #8 and most definitely #40 made my week.

  • The Yoga Pants Judge

    #13, #44, #50 MOAR!
    Mother of god i want to have the hardest roughest wildest sex these hot bitches have ever seen and do the nastiest dirtest things to them………I mean bring them to see Anchorman 2

  • Amina

    Just wanting to be clear is #37 a real person?

  • Amina

    wait I meant #38

  • musicman
  • John Robert

    #3 #8 #26 #31
    Beautiful women. As always, thank you Chive.
    The woman pictured in 3 appears to be perfect in every way. Great body, hair, outfit, and wears heels even in the desert. Awesome. Thank God that women like this exist. Makes life worth living.

  • OneEndedStick

    #38 Photoshop please

  • CletusJenkins

    #35 – that, young lady, is the perfect gap

  • bob

    #8 MOAR

  • dustin_b3

    #53 SLO!

  • Danielle

    #15 #27

    I found their white cat!

  • D Nice


    this should be a new thing for chivettes to do. take note, ladies

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