Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (38 Photos)

  • Vic

    #3 #5 !2 love you!

    • Vic

      and #12

    • BruceWayne

      #34 You are still the hottest girl on the post.
      God bless and get well tomorrow!
      Good Friday to all you fuckers…:)
      Some one tell BM he looks like shit. He's still cool.

    • TGIF

      Early DAR is early…

    • ted stevens

      The one sitting up has a major case of cunt face

      • bored

        2nded. her face has at least major ten-fold cunty factor.

        • toe watcher

          #36 best gap/toe in months!

  • Dibdy

    #3 #29 May i join you???

    • yessir

      whores gonna whore.

      • Chivette Pimp


  • Vic

    #39 #36 chive is making my day!

    • kcco

      nice ass, nice toe

    • CowboyChiver

      #36 Almost flipped my chair over… Productivity –> ZERO for the rest of the day!

      • Ned_Ryerson

        that's what a gap is! no more of the spread leg shit in the gap posts. don't get me wrong, we all love em spread. but THIS is a gap!!

        • Alouicious

          Mind the clam.

  • Jezdezpez

    #8 and #39 made my Friday even better!

    • howmuch

      SLUTS !

    • sucky $1.00?


  • John

    DAR's early, I'm hammered in Key West so wanted to get this up and head back out. Lots of Chivers in the Keys this weekend and drinks'r on us (the code).

    I'm not spell checking this.

    Also, #39

    • Vic

      oooooHHHH caaanada!!!! #39

      • CowboyChiver

        Oooh say can you see… Fuck it, I give in… Oh Canadaaa!

    • Jeremy T.

      You bastard. I was just in Key West last September for my honeymoon. It's extremely easy to get hammered in Key West. It's probably my favorite place on Earth. If I had the money to fly down there this weekend, I'd drink you under every table in Key West. Chive on, brother.

    • Dick Salad

      Key West, island of cats… Better be a good cat Saturday tomorrow oh and we want more MOARgan!

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        You use 'good' and 'cat saturday' in the same sentence!!?
        <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FKHYLdKeCpA/T5bdWy_MPDI/AAAAAAAABYk/jQcnHsMLm1U/s640/impossibru.jpg"&gt;
        – Fan testimonial: "Holy shit that is fn' HILARIOUS!!! That made my week, and quite possibly my month! Thank you so much for that!"

        • Dick Salad

          In the words of George Watsky

          I love all cats,
          even copy cats,
          Dr. Seuss cats in their floppy hats,
          I love bobcats
          I love tomcats
          and your mom cats

          • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

            and fried cats, don't forget fried cats…. hmmmm….

            – Fan testimonial: "For the love of God, stop hugging people, you fucking planetoid. Every time you wrap those appendages around a living person you run the risk of absorbing them into yourself like the Blob. – S. Freud"

            • Chad

              Shut up Mac

    • James s.

      see you in a few hours, John. on my way from Miami with a few nice girls

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Mom and your aunt still won't let you go alone, hmmmm?

        – Fan testimonial:every family has a paula. You know, the family member you would sell into slavery for a Snickers bar. Seriously…….i would sell you. = TommyD"

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11605891 Dakota Moore

        pics or it didn't happen

    • Turbodude

      Have fun and don't forget to wrap the rascal….

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      For the last fucking time; you CAN'T GET DRUNK ON GINGER ALE!!1! Get it meow?

      – take my free drink instead? It will be a virginity-changing experience.

    • HOOK

      Hammered and doing some Hammering perhaps?


      I've noticed today's posts have been pretty Canada heavy. Kepp it up! Chive on!

    • ispkthetruth

      What a loser. Buying booz will not get you any bf`s John. You gotta be morally loose like your chivettes for that.

    • twosticks

      As a former resident of Key West now stuck in Colorado, I am entirely envious. Please stumble over to Captain Tony's and have a Sunset Ale for me. Pay a visit to Pete and Wayne at Sloppy Joe's for a bit. Those fucks are pretty entertaining.

    • thederwood

      You dicks have fun(Rotten bastards)!

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      man, head up to norcal some time! Norcal chivers need love too

    • Always Last

      While I'm relatively sure you won't be reading these comments anytime soon – I would recommend that you find the nice gentlemen who run the Underwater Divers Course there and ask them if you can buy them a round. Most of them would be happy to take you up on that offer and provide you insight to the best local places to hit up. Be wary of any mention of bars that have the names "Oyster, Hole or Man" in them. Very likely they aren't places you actually want to got to without said gentlemen in your company.

    • John Travolta

      Throw on one of those scarves and get the hell over here – I'll blow all of you losers and pay you for it!

    • Nick G

      Holy shit, best vacation coincidence ever!

  • Meowmix

    Happy FriDAR!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #18 I'm blind forever

    • waka

      I cried when I saw it.

      • Dr_Fap

        I literally lost my breath for a second.

    • Daniel Tosh

      She poops out of that.

      • The_Dood

        Um,… girls don't poop. Didn't you know that?

        • Frank M

          Correction, Hot Girls don't poop.

    • Swen

      QuIte possibly is the best picture I have ever seen or ever will see.

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      i hate when people say it, but damn it, it has to be said….. DAT. ASS! *hangs head in shame*

    • Tyler


    • discowheels

      I have a new background on my computer now!!

    • ass eater

      that ass can only be from brazil

    • B-RY


    • Drew


    • wolfpack

      Keeping calm just flew right out the window!

  • Andyrew711

    #12 #18 schwing! schwing!

    • kcco

      great set of tits, #12

    • HonoluluChiver

      #32, #39 #36 schwing! schwing! schwing! #24 schwing, schwing

  • DrMa7moud

    #8. Just wow ..

    • Blind

      That is a thing of beauty…

    • Attaxia

      #8 This may be the single greatest image ever posted on the internet

      • sploodge

        i…..i can't stop staring at it…

  • Jezdezpez

    #9 God Brandi Passante is SEXY!

    • really

      what is she doing with that tool?!

      • Rahm Emanuel

        Wait for it, wait for it, she will figure it out sooner or later…

    • Do0zer

      I love her rack. Damn cute to boot!

    • Yessirr

      I think she is a whiny, annoying bitch. That said.. I do like dem boobies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cody.gibson.108 Cody Gibson

      this is my cousin -_-

    • Eric

      She is just Storage Wars hot. Kinda like office hot.

    • Tomx569

      Did anyone commenting on this actually notice what's written on top of the screen?

      • cels0_o

        Who cares what's written up there when there's boobs

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #7 AWESOME. Anyone know who that is on his shirt? Since we all where him on ours…

    • JimSedona

      It looks like Hank Williams Jr.

      • Koont

        He's picking up the tab like a sir

    • hootie

      she forgot to mention that she gave him a happy ending under the table…I mean who wouldn't?

      • Rex

        Who wouldn't? Anyone whose not insane! Granted it's bfm and everybody would love to meet him and hang out but giving a 61 year old man a " happy ending" pretty nasty!

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Also, before anyone corrects me, *wear. Got excited about first page of Friday DAR and forgot to double check my post.

      • Jerry

        I want to know why he has a Lexington Legends hat? I live here, there must be a connection!!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      FAKE!!1! John Photoshopped it because he hates me.
      Here's the original:
      <img src="http://i.imgur.com/6gCgs.jpg"&gt;
      – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too 😉 – insanely great"

      • Dan

        yeah… I don't think so hun, but nice try 😉

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        Well played, my dear. And well shopped.

      • insanely great

        what's this?!?!??…., Paula on Bills T-shirt…I AM IN LOVE…

      • Paula is a skank

        Did he throw up when he met you? I understand that most people do. That, and hide their children so you don't eat them.

    • Francois



    #7 B.M. is seriously the coolest guy on the planet!

    • Quahog

      Does he just roam the country running into people?

      • insanely great

        yes yes yes he does.!!

        • library of comgress

          he owns a minor league baseball team in charleston. not sure what he was doing in columbia.

          • Habsy

            Getting laid, of course.

          • Wade

            I'm sure he was watching the Gamecocks kick his Clemson Tiger ass. College baseball regionals

    • allchivtsdo

      Then you blew him right ?

    • jay

      Coolest thing I ever heard #BFM

  • bwkisley

    #32 hello new background

    • Garfunkle

      Definitely a nipple in there.

      • Jason

        Actually, I'm hoping there are 2 in there or else she's going to be really odd looking.

        • The_Dood

          As long as she isn't a fortune teller with three…

  • Larry

    #8 nice arse! and MOAR #24 i would like to pitch a tent with you also. 😉

    • Yes!

      Glad Megan made the front page!

  • Mason M

    Nothing is better than the DAR… Except Bacon.

    • Desi

      You, fellow human, are a wise and intelligent person.

  • Magic Mike

    Where are the Chivettes who need attention? I demand to see more girls begging for the attention daddy never gave them by dis-robing on the internet!

    • davis

      Magic Mike,

      This probably isn't the place for you. go objectify women somewhere else.

      4chan is that 'a way ——>

      • Professor America

        The comment section is probably not the place for you, if you think you get to kick people off when they say things you don't like. That's not how the internet works. BTW, he's right. The girls who send in their pictures to get attention are the ones objectifying themselves.

        • Professor America

          This is not the Internet, this is the Chive. I am new here.

        • Dr_Batman

          I highly fucking doubt that you're a professor. Professors don't say "BTW".

          • WallyWorld

            I highly doubt that you're a Batman. Batmans don't argue over initialisms on the internet.

            • Biggus Diccus

              Batman uses onomonopia while beating ass, POW WHACK BAM!

    • jack

      obviously your childhood had some hiccups too

    • JayWest

      Sorry man – wrong site

      • JayWest


    • Chivette

      Am a huge attention whore and all these comic book virgins love and worship me even though they dont have a chance in hell to even touch a boob in their life. I pose for them coz they worship me.

      • Chivette

        One of the worst Troll attempts yet. Congrats!

        • WallyWorld

          Considering all of you dumb bastards keep commenting, I'd say he successfully trolled. Also, dude is kinda right.

          • Zezz dude??

            100% agreed. the pussy worshipers just don't have a clue that complimenting these attention whores constantly isn't going to get them any.

    • Your Mom

      You're a fucking idiot

    • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno

      Dude, don't steal the place of a potential funny/awesome comment with this crap.

      Not cool.

      Happy Friday Chivers! 🙂

    • derp

      Rules of the internet #14. Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.

    • Dr_Batman

      Eat a sack of baby dicks Magic Mike.

      • Bill Murray

        Stand still while I drag my sweaty, hairy, stinky, dirty, wrinkly nut-sack across your lips……

  • Daniel Tosh

    early DAR Fuckyeah!!!

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #9 Brandi is insanely sexy! MOOOAAARRR!!!!

    Headed to Wrigley Field for some Roger Waters tonight… Have a good weekend Chivers!


    • Mikey

      Good thing you're not going to a Cubs game!

    • Spencetron

      Saw the Wall a few weeks back in PHX. You'll have a great time! Roger is not slowing down at all.

    • Billy

      I can't figure out what it is about her. But I want her……………………

      • Tomx569

        Cute face, nice boobs, and she won't be stupid with your money.

    • Ispeakchive

      Well she isn't

    • Dick Salad

      Dude I'd like me some Brandy any day of the week! She's not my normal type but I can't help the inexplicable attraction I have for her…

      • Koont

        Perhaps the bewbs?

  • Wet_tosti

    #8 early dar and sweet hump! Double win.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #3 Can I have your number? I will call you definitely…no maybes about it…see what I did there!

    • dochandy

      BOOOOOOOO!!! :@

    • Rahm Emanuel

      Haters gonna' hate!!!

  • Patch adams

    #14 #18 #39 what a way to start the weekend!!

    • Gary

      Nothing like a Jeep Girl!

    • Average Chiver

      Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.

    • InvertedCheeze

      FINALLY some dirty jeep luv!!!!


    • ImpressMe

      I call bullshit on #14…that jeep is filthy and she doesn't have a speck of dirt on her..she isn't "driving the shit" out of anything…but she does have a nice ass in the second part of her pic..

      • k t

        Took the words out of my… fingers.

  • Pueo Chuck

    If anyone feels the need to make that played-out "I must go, my people need me" joke, please punch yourself in the crotch.

    • Mikey

      I must go… My future chivers need me

    • jack

      Nope. You beat everyone. Aim high. It wont hurt as much.

    • MattKL

      I would, but I must go. My people need me.

    • press

      This picture is fake. They made it look like the kid was thrown up into the air.

      They actually dropped him from an airplane.

    • zeuscreta

      just i am wondering how stupid a person can be! (talking about the photo)

    • MrHat

      So long and thanks for all the fish!

  • Markoda

    I'll take the #8 underhump any day

  • Whoopi_G

    #5 Hey girl laying down…stand up and send in some MOAR pics!

    • zoom

      This is a great picture.

      It could have been taken in any decade from the 1970's to now.

  • ScotchScotchScotch

    Early DAR is Early!


    • Dan

      John just explained why… to hammered to do it later lol

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