Friday Dopamine Dump (39 photos)

  • bkfrijoles

    #21 makes me very happy!!

  • dave

    #25….in love with Sara Jean

  • mario87

    #25 lucky sonic with sera underwood

  • amplexus

    #25 Sonic spooged on his left hand hahaha, I would too if I was that close to SJU

  • Face

    #20, is always A, everyone knows that or there just stupid

  • Brett Butler

    Chive, Find the girl in #25!

    • MebbeBebbe

      It's Sara Jean Underwood. You must not spend a lot of time on this site… or the rest of the internets.

  • @DMDaw

    #30 #38
    Thanks Chive, I needed a good laugh today

  • DrFunkenstein

    #28 B of course. It's science.

  • .Krookz

    #1 Oh lord thats our news anchor. Only in RIC

  • cesar

    How many try copy and paste de link?

  • Jonesy

    #13 horrible show #6 needs to be deported

  • .Krookz

    #28 B god dammit! Stop putting it on backwards

  • Jonesy

    #2 needs deported*

  • folken330

    #25 is sara jean underwood you f*ckin morons

  • English_Rob

    I was really expecting her to get slapped, I'm rather disappointed now.

  • Chiver

    #34 I don't watch basketball. But that isn't lebron? Lol

    • Guest

      That's Kobe nigga!

    • kylecali

      I don't watch basketball and I know that's Kobe.

  • Bob

    Should have warnings on some of these, hit #31 laptop covered in pepsi

  • Jammy

    #2 and apparently the United Stated Constitution too. Who needs paper work? I'll just make up shit.

  • SadeShadz

    #17 Give me a hug man. o.o

  • Kenny

    #2 Kenyan conman

  • Train2K

    #2 Wow, you're actually perpetuating bullshit like this on here? Seriously pondering whether to ever actually visit the site again as I've lost a massive amount of respect for it in the span of about 3 seconds.

    • Guest

      Great sense of humor, you have!

    • MebbeBebbe

      Agreed. I can have a laugh at a picture like this but when I scroll to the comments and find a hundred people taking it like gospel, spewing political rhetoric and not making a bit of sense, it saddens me. Every single time I see a post like that, all I can think is, "Oooh, you made a derogatory comment about politics on the internet, I definitely agree with you now!"

  • Lawrence Panis

    The girls is pretty hott! Find her!

  • Matt

    #28: "B" — unless you have small children, or cats.

  • Roar

    #19 No one is concerned that the "teenage" mutant ninja turtle has a child old enough to talk?

  • Bones

    #25 Sara Underwood you are so fine!

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