It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (25 Photos)

  • Sean

    #11 The shirt reads "Virginity Rocks", yet she appears to be pregnant AND holding a toddler. Somebody ain't too clear on the concept.

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #5 ahhh just gave me a great laugh, so hope you didnt take her opinion serious, when you asked her how it looked lol

  • scott

    #17 SOON

  • SpartyOn81

    #22 talk about a Walowin

  • Pwnapotamus

    #15 Dude from Scrubs?

  • Kyle Amyotte

    #13 someones face is ruining those nice girls picture!

  • Matt

    #11 "virginity rocks" shirt, holding a kid…

  • JLay

    #6 Nice shower cap.

  • PHARIS88

    #25 BUSTEDDDDD haha

  • mike

    #24 i think im the guy bombing the photo…. sweet!!! i made it onto the chive!

    • Brett Joseph Forrest

      nice mike! except it's me

  • FedUpsky

    Um, gee whiz, #all is boring. Making it even less inviting is how incredibly obtrusive the ads have become; obtrusive to the point of being hostile towards us. We all know you guys have zero regard for the people who drop by your site. We know that by the sheer avariciousness exhibited by this kind of advertising. I, personally, have been using the Internet since even before it was called that and I've never clicked on a single ad by any reason other than accident and regretted even those. People who do so invite false impressions regarding the effectiveness of ads. I despise them all. I'd like to ban them all. Even then, I could tolerate most as they can be ignored or circumvented. But yours have become hostile, taking up so much of the screen that the image I came to see is rendered unviewable and ugly. Now, I've wasted more time on this than it deserves. 

  • SARmedic

    #9 winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Machismo_Loco

    #16 Dick!

  • Baba Booey

    #2-damn fatty
    #11-more like fupa bomb

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