• drbman

    I swear I used to play cars on that same round carpet he is sitting on! Those were awesome times! and the encyclopedia's were homes!

  • Unviewtiful

    I think the best part is that it was done by PBS digital studios.

  • hafnium10

    tried to show this to my science class and most of them didnt know who Mr Rogers was!!! damn, Im getting old but he still is the MAN

  • FoolOfATook

    Now the garden of most kids minds is filled with video games, how sad.

  • LoBugg

    Umm creepy.
    Just like Barney…

  • KCCOrazorback

    way cool

  • Paul W

    Mr Rogers, brings back chilhood memories, then came the 80's…..man that decade is a blur.

  • askillington

    and all this….. from a highly infamous trained Marine Corp sniper.HOORAH!

    • the_mike

      If only it were true

  • Derrick

    here is a piece of trivia for you. Why did Mr. Rogers always wear those long sleeve sweaters? ……… To Hide the Tattoos from when he was a sniper in the military.

    • the_mike

      Here is a piece of trivia for you. It isn't true. Bummer, huh?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=29709734 Travis Alexander

    Dude, that's the coolest/creepiest thing I've seen online today haha

  • Buster Cherry

    Great shot of Mr. Rogers. playing Mr. McFeely's slide whistle.

  • Goldenage_Geek

    And the internet has been officially won.

    That was pretty ingenious and oddly inspiring.

  • Parky

    FACT: hes an ex navy seal with 26 recorded kills!

    • the_mike

      Fact: You're wrong.

  • Dave

    Onions… who left them here . . .

  • Tulsachiver

    If you don't watch this while high, you are doing yourself a great dis-service

  • Matt

    In my mind I grew my girlfriends boobs bigger, it was glorious

  • Sk2

    Gotta admit little bit creepy

  • its_forge

    My favorite one since the Sagan/Hawking "A Glorious Dawn." This guy is beyond fantastic, truly a wonderful creator.

  • JLay

    Mr. Rogers was a genuinely nice, caring human-being. He helped to make my childhood better!

  • yoadrian

    I really feel as if I could run to this…

  • ManOfTooth

    Speechless! Absolutely fantastic!

  • NotebookNick

    I think I've just found my graduating class's new theme song.

  • Joe in SD

    crazy / trippy / creepy!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/Emaly.Munguia Emaly S. Munguia

    That was pure win. Mister Rogers will always be a big part of my childhood memories and this song, is my newest fav. =D

  • JMac

    The courage of this man to be a little bit dopey, a little bit innocent, to help our children to explore their worlds, to be themselves. No, he was not a sniper, he did not have military tats, he did not kill numerous people (seriously, how can you follow thechive and not snopes? It is result No. 2 in a basic "Mr. Rogers" search.). A father of 2 boys, I wish there was programming of this quality today.

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