theBrigade: Photos of the Week (67 Photos)

  • ouchie

    Great pics!

    Thank you to the men and women fighting to keep our country safe.


  • etcrr

    #1 #9 #29 #61 #62 Impressive to say the least, Thanks to the many Men and Women of Our Armed Forces and our Allies for serving

  • Giarc

    #42 is a bunch of Airsofters, not military!

    • bensmith681

      #42 is US Marines, from 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, at the Cold Weather Training Center in Bridgeport California.

      • Giarc

        My GIANT bad!!!!!!!!!!

        my MOST sincere appologies to the 2/7!!!

  • bensmith681

    #3 FOD WALK!!! #27 now thats awesome!!

  • Giarc

    #42 my apologizes!!!

  • JAson
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