There’s no way this could go wrong (20 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #13 WOW, wtf!!! Did he know it was like that when he started it???

    • Ned_Plimpton


      • placenta_smoothie

        babyfart is a drunk 12 year old douschebag

        • babyfartmagizax

          At least I can spell douche bag. Are you 11?

    • twoPOPPER

      lol prolly not..that happens when you lose a c clip that holds the axle shaft in…it happens on pickup trucks all the time and it sucks cause you dont realise it till it is all the way out and you hit pavement

      • OMG

        But doesn't he have a passenger side mirror?!

    • Phil

      you always sound like you're 12 years old. get lost.

      • windowlicker

        12 years old and drunk.

        • yourmom

          12 year old douche

    • Mark Kleveno

      gonna be the new "big thing" in Japan

    • Guest

      Yes, he know about it. His name is John Esther and he didn't think it would go any further out than that. He only had to go about 4 1/2 blocks to get his girlfriend to her Mom's cousins house because the pink porpoise had coughed up a hair ball the size of a golf ball in south Philadephia…..HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW IF HE KNEW IT WAS LIKE THAT?

      • thatguy

        That's just funny. Well played.

      • Tomx569

        Nicely done.

    • Vyle

      Meanwhile in Russia

    • melindu

      Why does everyone hate you? You make me lol


    #20 Seems pretty right to me

    • Brick Tamlyn

      Yes, that's what a child would say.

      • hahaMONKEYMAN!!

        Michael looks like Kenny Powers' brother Jasper.

    • SIUADO

      Officer Alverez can you see a splinter….it's really bugging me

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      Grow up.

    • jeff donuts

      why the fuck is this getting down voted. what the fuck is wrong with u fags?

      • Randy

        Maybe we are adults and realize not cops are jerks. They have a job to do just like everybody else.


      Sorry, I didn't mean to be so childish. Please let me clarify. Fuck the police.

      • the police

        fuck you too

      • Jason Brooks

        Wonder if you'll be saying that while you getting attacked/mugged/robbed/raped?.

        • MICHAEL

          really not too concerned as I carry at all times. the Second Amendment

          • NYPDChiver

            Just curious. Why do you hate the police?

            • wdh

              BECAUSE WE LIVE IN TIMES WHERE PIZZA GETS TO YOUR HOUSE FASTER THAN THE COPS. well in big cities anyway.. cops are douches that abuse their authority. they are never their when you need them.

              • wow

                Yea the world would TOTALLY be a better place without cops right? I know that's not what you said but seriously? I don't know any stats and am not claiming to but in a big city I am willing to bet that the number of crimes committed compared to the number of police officers available is not in favor of law enforcement.

              • Pft!

                How many times have you dealt with the cops when you were the complainant? My money is on you being on the receiving end on law enforcements essential function — law enforcement. I bet your parents are proud of you, snobby little brat with no respect for authority. I hope an officer pulls you out of a burning car one day to save your life.

              • Spelling Bee

                "there when you need them" wdh….

              • Tomx569

                Yeah, I'm not going along with the whole fuck the police metality, but I have to agree that yes a pizza gets to your house faster than the cops and some of them are worse than most criminals.

                • Shazam

                  Well then, we should just give pizza delivery guys a badge, radio and stun gun.

              • Hard working cop

                Maybe the cops take a long time to get there because they are dealing with a more serious issue than what your complaint was…….. You are not the only person they are responsible for taking care of.

              • Greg Pickering

                You don't like the response time of law enforcement (and fire and rescue services for that matter) then the next time they ask for an additional 2 dollars a year from property owners (which I am SOOOO sure you are) don't bitch and whine and say you just can't afford it. It takes a long time because they have to cover thousands of people by themselves. Not sit at your fucking doorstop and wait for you to call. Douche.

          • YouActLikeYou're12

            really? so are you home all the time protecting your things? are there people that you care about like family/friends/spouse or girlfriend that don't carry all the time? If you get hit by a drunk driver are you just going to shoot them? I may only be 20 years old but even I don't think that childishly.

            • HaterHatersAreOK

              I don't think he's saying cops are unnecessary, he's just saying that because they can't be there right when things are going down then you're better off being prepared to take care of number one than being dead by the time they get there.

          • dood

            you sound like a really cool guy

          • APD

            You look like the type of douche that would think this way. A friendly reminder that not all people with KCCO shirts are Chivers.

          • KennyCanuck

            Michael – you just ooze white trash ignorant American filth. You are the primary reason so many people around the world have a negative view of America – you don't deserve to wear the XXL Chive t-shirt you purchased Trashy McTrash.

            And if you "carry" at all times, I hope you fall down and shoot yourself, one less gun on the street in the hands of an idiot.

          • dirtysteve99

            Look out, we got a badass over here.

        • informationasymmetry

          Sounds like you're describing a protection racket.

      • Alan Carlson

        fuck you, when you are in trouble call your mommy

      • David Gorski

        haha!! right on man! down with the pigs right?? i hope u really need one someday and they don't make it in time. oh, but you prob'ly won't ever need one right? crime is never gonna happen to you.

        • Johnson

          Or he could carry a weapon to defend himself. Oh wait that's right if you shoot somebody breaking into your house and don't kill them they can sue you. That's why it's better to call the cops.

          • Just sayin'

            Or make sure they are dead!

      • Dr_Batman

        Yes, that's much less childish.

    • stonewall_79

      I think Alvarez is going to kick his ass.

    • Amigo

      I understand cops are important and I treat them with respect but I can honestly say having been a victim of several crimes that they are 90% useless.

      I get traffic tickets, parking tickets and charged with every little thing, I've had my car towed from work, I've been oppressed into obeying laws I don't agree with, I've been unrightfully interrogated and treated with no respect. I have also spent a lot of tax dollars and money on tickets paying these people's paychecks

      But as soon as my car gets stolen, my house gets broken into, my friend gets beaten with a metal pipe, they literally "can't help me" My car got stolen, I reported it the same day. They found it the next day, didn't tell me for a month, I went through the whole insurance policy, hours of work…. oh sorry we forgot to tell you that your car was involved in a high speed chase and its actually in our impound… I have friends that are police officers but 90% like I said can suck a fat cock.

      • Diablo

        Cool story bro. I'm sure you didn't earn any of those tickets.

        • awwww yeahhh!

          If i could thumb this more than once i would. Jackasses break the law, have to pay for it, and bitch about the people whose job it is to enforce it.

          • Amigo

            No I bitch when about 70% of the budget is spent on revenue cops. Meaning, cops that will fine you a good chunk of your paycheck for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. While hardworking people get dinged for minor things, real criminals (rapists, murderers, B&E etc…) aren't being held accountable for what they do simply because the police department is more concerned with making money than protecting their citizens. I have every right to bitch and voice my opinion about what my government does, perhaps it's not the police officers fault more than it is how their department is ran, but when I live in a city that has the most serious crime per capita in my country and this shit goes on, I may lay down and take it in the ass, but don't ask me to respect the person that's fucking me.

            • Amigo

              In Russia.

              • awwww yeahhh!

                Oh ok I'm sorry I have no grounds to comment on anything about Russia.

            • King of tying knots

              What city do you live in where the police dept issues fines and places judgements/sentenced on the charged? I think your problem is with the courts and legislation hit shot. Educate yourself. There are things that are illegal that cops don't like, but enforce b/c society has asked them to by making it law..and there are things that cops want take action on, but society has told them not to. You break the law, it's your fault, not theirs

              • Yup

                Every job has it's shit side right.

            • Greg Pickering

              You absolutely have the right to voice your opinion. However, in the future… be sure to know what you are talking about before sounding like a complete idiot. Your gripe has nothing to do with law enforcement. You bitch about how you get a ticket for doing illegal shit that you think is minor. Oh well, don't like it, don't do illegal shit. Your other gripe is the comparison to major criminals and acts of crime being handled so timidly. That has NOTHING to do with law enforcement officers. You don't like that, then you don't like the broken judicial system and the shitty lawyers that prey on it. Only person "fucking" you for having to pay traffic fines is you for breaking the law, jackass.

          • HatersGonnaHate

            Maybe sometimes (key word) the problem is the law itself not necessarily the people breaking it? I mean if gay people didn't break the law at the time it would still be illegal to be gay. Just a thought.

      • Amigo

        that's just my opinion from my experience. Probably has a lot to do with where I live, perhaps this isn't the case everywhere.

        • NYChiver

          Where do you live?

          • Amigo


            • NYChiver

              Fair enough.

            • Dr_Batman

              I thought the Russian people were just bears on unicycles?

              • Vladmir

                A lot of Russian mail order brides are hot.

      • panama99

        Amigo, sounds like you can't obey the speed limit, park in the correct area, or live in a safe area (move some where else) becuase you shit is getting stolen and your friends are getting hit with metal pipes.

        I don't believe that you have "friends" that are cops just cops that have given you tickets and such so you know them and they know you from more of a professional stand point. I believe that you don't like them thoughbecause you sound like a petty (small-time) criminal/thug wanna-be.

        Also, we should obey laws not "oppressed" into obeying laws. LOL

        Get a life, soon to be convict.

      • Alan Carlson

        grow up junior

      • sureman123

        they usually are only there to mop up after the crime.. stories are very rare that they actually stopped the crime..

        • Rawr

          What do you think jails are for dumb ass. Unless there's a warrant or felony (which has no statute of limitations,) those in attendance were caught committing a crime.. And over crowded jails is an issue everywhere.

          • sureman123

            uh.. no.. they were usually caught after they committed the crime….someone has to actually commit the crime before the police can do anything at all.. police are not there to protect you or we would have one follow us around everywhere.. they are there to investigate, solve and arrest those that did the crime.. after it was committed.

    • North

      You are an absolute d-bag pal

    • Calikush

      yeeeeeaaaa.. I fuckn loooove this pic.. Straight up classic.. Fuck the police the 50 and the metro.. Police aint nothin but gangbangers in a fancy outfit tryna play god.. Lmmfao at all u faggotass cop callin pussys.. Hahaha

      • B-RY

        I wanna be like you when I grow up…. Hey can you buy me some black and milds and a fourty of OE on your EVT card?

        • Jason Khan

          or you can buy some white bread, crackers and natty ice..

  • Nishtai

    The Darwin award goes to…

    • _maxPain_

      well played sir loll loll

  • Drew Reynolds

    #12 Someone help that poor lady!

    • Cal

      Yeah, hit the emergency stop button then slowly walk away.

    • Notknowing


    • MEH!

      id just like to cram her ass personally.

    • Chris

      The luggage trolleys at OR Tambo airport in South Africa have a specially designed undercarriage that allows them to go up and down the escalators without a hassle. They're also the only trolleys I've used that you have to depress the brake lever to move them, which makes a whole lot of sense. I'm surprised I haven't seen them used elsewhere in the world. I'm not sure this lady is using one of those trolleys though 😉

  • GuinessHangover

    Hillbilly carpool!

    • Master_Rahl

      guy on the end is about to be pancaked! I do NOT envy him.

      • GuinessHangover

        Hillbilly pancake?

  • whyme1973

    Never underestimate the stupidity of people.

  • @slackersavvy

    #18 Flying Tiger Punch!


    • Danno

      Sliding cleats to the nuts—-Game Over—- #A'sFan

      • @slackersavvy

        See what you did there…how's Inge doing?

        Thanks for taking our leftovers;)

    • Dr_Batman

      If the entire game was like this more people would like baseball.

  • untamedride

    #11 the end result could be bad, but, i'd try a ride

    • DaddyD

      Silly me. For a second there, I thought you were talking about the lion.

    • Seriously

      I'll eat her if the lion doesn't….

    • Dr_Batman

      "Guys look! I'm riding a furry tractor!"

    • asrvszfaewt

      She has a big pussy 😀

  • guest

    Not First

  • PDiddily420
    • Whoopi_G

      Watch your heart!

    • B-ry

      Hold on lady, we goin' for a wide.

    • MattKL

      No time for love, Dr. Jones!

    • Spelling Police

      He got ripped up by crocs. It's cool now.

    • Dr jones

      Kallima. Kallima. Kallima.

      • Give me powver

        Shakti dai! Onum shivai Onum shivai!

  • Corey

    Darwin Award candidate.

    • lttido


  • Dirt

    Like Mr. Rogers said " you can grow anything in the garden of your mind"

  • Guest

    #14 – HYSTERICAL!

    • Csquared303

      Nothing could go wrooooo, wait wait. I see what you did there!

    • UMFC


    • Notknowing

      This is the only one guaranteed to go wrong.

    • Dr_Batman


    • passwordistaco

      I feel like an idiot but can someone help me out with this one?

      • dirtysteve99

        Kim Kardashian's ex proposing to her, conveniently in time for the season finale of her show it looks like.

        Needless to day, this 'marriage' didn't last.
        She did cry crocodile tears and claim she was genuine at the time though.

        and they say the gays will ruin marriage.

        • passwordistaco

          Thanks Dirty! I heard about the whole fiasco (who could avoid it) I guess now I can put a face with the poor bastard's name which I believe was Kim's Bitch wasn't it?

          • dirtysteve99

            Pretty much, now she's with Kanye, so it's like a perfect storm of plastic famewhore.

  • blutodawg

    #6 Clearly there was a language barrier when he told her he was dumping her

  • Matt

    #3 Better question is why the crown molding stops in the middle of that wall.

    • Peeeeeet

      Fifty Shades of Dumb Ass.

    • Ken

      Is that a baby bottle the foreground bucket?

    • Sherwin Williams

      Or the even better question is why didn't you paint before you hung it

    • Tim Cragg

      Where is the Baby? (Bottle on pain bucket)

    • Tedskin

      how did he climb on the buckets ?

  • Big Joe


    • Jen

      me too!

      • I bet

        Your nipples look like tater tots.

        • I bet

          You're in your mom's basement eating tater tots.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #20 I feel the same

    • awwww yeahhh!

      Don't take it out on the cop just because you thought that community college education would land you a ballin' ass career. He's just doing his job old man.

      • J. Allison

        funny, but community college is more than cops have…..anyone who wants to be a cop, shouldn't be allowed to be a cop. Much like people who need attention gravitate towards show business, people who love power gravitate towards power positions. Unfortunately, the easiest power position available for a moron is the police department. Sure there are some good guys there, but the vast majority are just the old bullies from high school.

        • Dr_Fap

          And you base this on your infinite knowledge of all worldly subjects? You are either one of those "people" that occupied Wall Street or recently got pulled over/arrested for breaking the law. Imagine a world without police. I don't believe that most cops start off as assholes, they just become one from dealing with douches like yourself.

        • Pft!

          Cops are generally looked down upon by those that have dealings with them because those in contact with officers are receiving the essential function of law enforcement… ENGORCEMENT. It's your own dumb fault that you're in that position anyways. Don't break the law, it won't have to be enforced upon you. I bet if a gas station attendant asked you not to spray gas all over the place you would hate them too. Thats the issue with this sad generation.. No respect for authority.

          • Pft!

            Enforcement* typo:)

        • Survey Says....X

          Bitch please!!!! This guy must have a job where he tracks the educational statistics of police officers. I'm glad we are speaking with a subject matter expert and not just another person that speaks in ignorant generalities!! Whew

        • Greg Pickering

          Actually, approximately 72% of all departments exceeding over 100 sworn personnel require a minimum of a 2 year degree, 5 years prior experience, or an honorable discharge from the US military. Knowledge…. dropped.

    • Dr_Batman

      Yeah yeah the cops here are terrible, poor fucking you. In Singapore they'll cane your ass for this shit.

  • Brian English


    my question… who the hell took the picture?

    • a-nom

      It's shopped, but still funny.

      • Who Dat

        I don't think its shopped. If you look at the shadows on the guy they all fit with the rest of the photo.

        • Nervous

          Um plane on ground and the buildings are shopped in… No plane could fly behind that plane…. wake turbulance…

          • MonkeyMadness

            Ever hear of a zoom lens, tard?

            • Nick

              um zoom lens from where. plus the angle of the plane relative to the ground is all wrong for mid flight

        • Yessirr

          Actually, sir, no they don't fit. The lighting on the ground is different than on the plane. and besides that, even if they did match up, that wouldn't mean anything. Just google images search until you find a landscape that works. They didn't even do THAT. Shopped like fuck.

          • justsomeguy

            actually c-130s have rear cameras on the tail that could theoretically take this picture… but yeah its shopped. you can tell because of the obvious light to city difference. also airmen wear helmets and harnesses when the ramp is down so they dont take a tumble lol

            still a cool looking picture though!

            • Ray

              No they don't. You made that up about the rear cameras.

    • DaddyD

      My thought exactly!

    • Derek

      It must be the guy being pulled behind the plane with a tow rope, naturally.

    • Bob

      The tailgate of a C-130 is never opened this low during flight. It stops opening when parallel to the main deck. This deck angle is for loading on the ground only. Very impressive shop job. Well done, sir.

      • Foster

        plus, there's no way those guys in the back could stand up straight with the nose pitched down like that…

        • justsomeguy

          its possible paratroopers do it all the time

      • Crash922

        Not to mention that the logic built into that C-130J's mission computer won't allow the ramp to open in flight with the ramp arms connected and set to open to the ground like they are. But still a funny pic!

        • Lisa

          Damn, I love Chivers who know what the hell they are talking about! Thanks for the info!

        • BTI

          How you know it's a J model?? I can only tell from the cockpit or the props

    • BBlitzer

      Duh – the first guy who tried that – took the pic as he was flying out the back….

    • Rodney Mullen

      Iron man

    • Superman

      Not shopped, I took that picture.

    • Ray

      This is shopped. First of all, those guys are all ground crew. The aircrew would be wearing flight suits. Also, the ramp is extended all the way down. They don't do that when they open it in flight, it only opens level with the deck. And yeah, who took the picture lol

    • retired lm

      Toilet onthe right suggests newer 130 model. Ramp is lower than cargo floor but grasshopper arms are still connected? MC? H-3 maybe? Do the J birds have flip over rollers or the old rollers? And no tail camera unless airdrop tests are being performed and this is the wrong angle for that.

  • _Moose_

    Who's taking the picture? #8

    • Quahog

      A Vietnamese artist by the name of Phot O. Shop did I believe.

      • _Moose_

        Well, I commend and admire Mr. Shop for the heart he puts in his photos. I can usually tell his work from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few Shops in my time.

        Also, thank you, gentlemen in the picture, for your service. (Might as well do the whole spiel.)

    • Superman

      I took it!

  • chiveon

    #8 who the fuck is taking the photo??

    • Superman


  • SadeShadz

    #5 Couldn't help thinking, 'Er ma gaaddd!!'

  • Ray

    #14 HAHAHAHA the best one


      My thoughts exactly

  • Somerandomguy

    # 16 Actually this guy isn't in any danger, unless you count sunburn…

    • Somerandomguy

      #16 i'm new at this picture thing…

      • Boozer

        Nice save.

  • Butthead

    #15 if you can reach the pedals.

    • Turrebo

      Short Round had no problems with that. This is probably his driving school.

  • chris

    Ha #12: Escalator temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience.

    • PDiddily420

      Always a classic, RIP Mitch!

    • BladeIcewood

      Nice Mitch Hedberg Reference

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