• NZRugger

    I dont get it :/

    • NZRugger

      But I did get FIRST! Suck it haterz!

      • bwaggger

        The All Blacks are going to lose tomorrow…

    • http://agelover.com agelover_com

      You can also meet mature and sexy match here.

  • Eat me

    That was 1min 7 I'll never get back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sphui5 Simon Peter Hui
  • Blah

    First you cunts

    • Doug B.

      really? you had to say this?

    • Tom

      C-word too?! Double douche

      • sixdeadelves

        unless he's from england or something. they say it all the time there.

        • Drew

          It's also summer vacation now.
          All the fucking idiots we know as "teenagers" have double time online now.

    • Dr_Batman

      Watch out guys we're dealing with a real badass over here.

  • N8orius

    Could've been worse, could've been BP.
    hilarious that they couldn't turn it off.

    • JDB85

      If it was BP it would have blown up…

  • true story

    hoax.. take it down chive

  • etcrr

    turn it off, It wont turn off lmao

    • etcrr 131p

      i found what happened funny so i laughed at it because it was funny what happened. lmao very good post i like it very much

      • Bill57

        lol thats what i was going to say cause i was going to say that.

    • windowlicker

      The fact is, the blonde lady with the tiny cup is a true hometown hero. Thank you for your service blonde lady with the tiny cup and god bless you.

  • waryee

    just in case you couldn't see (because of the poor video quality) the small tower was shooting out a stream onto the lady's dress which kinda looked like an oil leak

    P.S. Shell is an american gas company (maybe elsewhere too)

    • qeef

      It's Dutch- With Headquarters in London. So yes, they have it other places than 'Merica

      • LiT

        there are other places then america? what planet is that?

        • Sme

          Your mom.

    • HiDeeHo

      "P.S. Shell is an american gas company".

      Nope. Dutch.

      • Mark

        "Royal Dutch Shell"

    • reece

      its 60% dutch and 40% british due to a merger

    • fact.

      it's also a major Canadian company….

  • Insomniac

    boring… anyway, pissed me off, "can I have that phone please?" hell, no! you can't have it! I don't give a shit about your public relationships campaign, it's my property

  • PeZ

    Only thing good about this video was the lady's hump .

  • C-Mo

    HA! they kicked the dude out of scotland…what a pompous prick. thanks for filming the awesome and putting it on the web buddy! i give this PR fail two thumbs up!

    • AnyoneForCoffee


  • asas

    Why was that lady making a muppet chicken noise ?

    • Meh

      My thoughts exactly! Great minds think alike.

  • john

    Horrible acting.

  • Matty Eff


  • TheJesus

    Who cares if it's fake? It's still funny…unless you're terrified that the poor little oil company looks silly. Shell Oil is the real victim here!

  • Dork

    Fucking Big Oil. They can't even control a twelve inch gusher! Take that scenario and apply it to the gulf. A bunch of fucking Muppet chickens squawking around trying to cap a well with some over-sized shot glass. At least this one only took about 30 seconds to stop as opposed to a few months.

  • MonkeyMadness

    Well, that was lame.

  • xbod

    Not in da face!!!

    • Liam GTFOMW

      IN DA FACE!

  • Mark

    This has been proven fake, yo.

    • Yo this Yo that

      No shit. Yo.

      • thegreatdiggler

        that's what they want you to believe – how better to cover it up than to say "oh haha that video was fake!"

  • Jordan

    I like the one guy that laughed

  • Jeff

    Don't care if real or fake…but who's the [actress] who showcases her incredible ass? FIND HER

    • Travis

      She's proven that she can handle a 12 inch gusher, so…..just sayin'.

      • GGB

        ^ That in no way answered his question.

        • JJB

          ^ That in no way answered his question either.

    • Jay

      Agreed. That was worth the time to watch this.

  • Tulsa Chiver

    That hump day candidate that saves the old lady. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find her!!!!

    • Jay

      Yes, please. Need some better HQ shots of that hump.

  • Master_Rahl

    "Why are you still filming?"
    "Obviously you have a mess here"
    Ahh, PR nightmares are the best when captured on video.

  • A. C. Slater

    Saved By the Bell did it better.

  • Slater rulz!

    funny that they have the cloth on the floor underneath the dais to keep the carpet from getting soiled.

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