• Amigo

    they can't even keep a little model wine oil rig from spilling….. yeah that makes me feel good

  • REid6982

    I hope it's real. A good prank on a company that doesn't take fault for all it's giant oil spills over the years. A little oil on some old broad is a good start haha

  • doug

    Typical executives, can't even figure out how to shut a pump off.

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/14219/well-this-is-awkward%e2%80%a6-video/ Well this is awkward… (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • PubicJones

    Jesus. This shit is getting ridiculous. That was a stupid video and a waste of time. Similar to most of your recent posts. Just fire Mac. He's a fucking douche anyway.

  • mrjimmyos

    I assume they're trying to do something eco friendly here (I think that was an iceberg model?) and the irony is that the dispenser shot the liquid out like an un eco friendly oil well letting out the excess oil. That's my take on it

  • Locke

    So we believe its a hoax because shell came out and said it was which they would obviously do to cover up such an embarrassing incidence…

  • fred

    thanks for dissing Seattle chive

  • bjizzle

    so staged

  • Da Sandman

    funny part is that instead of moving out of the stream, the old fart just stands there crying like a bitch 🙂

    • Tkarrde

      I like it when bitches stand in my stream.

  • Jon

    Here is the "Making of the Shell Fail" video http://youtu.be/InL4ONJh9fA

    • Jon

      • Alex

        That's so fucking weak. I guess they ran out of trees to hug

  • Tommy Bestin

    P.S Shell is not an American company. Thought that would be obvious by it's actual name Royal Dutch Shell, it's Dutch my friend. Weed and Oil they do well.


    Chive. way to keep the the hate going.I never realized how disgusting racist your site is & the majority of scumbags who use it.

  • Jay

    Please, please, please find the blonde with the nice ass… Thanks, ass men everywhere.

  • SleazyDZ

    So if they couldn't turn off the fountain…what were they planning on doing once the lady's glass got full?

  • Clarence Boddicker

    Reminds me of that scene in Robocop, where ED-209 proclaims: Drop the weapon, you have 10 seconds to comply. *weapon drops to the floor* You now have 5 seconds to comply "Shut the damn thing down" 4….3…2….1 I am now authorized to use physical force. "Pull the plug" ED-209: Bwap bap bap bap fap bap fap grrroowwwwwl Blasts poor Kenny all over the place. Someone wanna call a goddamned paramedic? End scene.

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