Cat Saturday (24 Photos)

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  • Ethix

    I respect the shit out of #7

    • Max


      • Bill Murray

        also agree.

        • el profe

          BFM would never call anyone a faggot.

    • _me

      This pic rocks.

    • missb

      most definitely agree. 96 people have the mentality of a potato

    • Dr_Batman

      He probably gets mad pussy because of this.

    • Alex

      I don't believe this claim…at all

    • barber al

      hope you got him a haircut for graduating.

    • Telephone Man

      Looks like Andy Gibb.

  • greg


    • Get a life.

      Fuckin faggot.

      • Desi

        'Faggot'. Wow. That's telling him. Using a degrading and demeaning word like that? Oh, my, are you a real man. Watch out, fellow Chivers and Chivettes, we've got a badass over here!

        • Anton

          Ur a faggot

        • Arnez

          shut up Desi, you faggot.

        • sploodge

          You mad bro? all because he called him a bundle of sticks?

  • Brandon


    • JBBooks

      & dumber

    • Mike


  • david

    #17 soon

    • DRIZ


      • 6575


  • Jenna

    Really? Do you 'first-tards' have nothing better to do. You're a waste.

    • DRIZ


    • Max


    • DaddyD

      They do have nothing better to do. Ignore them, and maybe they'll go away.

      • Ranger Dan

        Like Herpes? No, they won't. They'll always be there.

    • jaynecobb2

      you are just mad because you did not get First

    • Desi

      They're attention whores, and you're giving them what they want. They're also laughing at you, probably. Ignore. Them.

    • JennaISalyingTWAT

      And you're likely a fat ugly skank Jenna – but I don't call you out on it, do I?

  • *dash*

    #2 find her

    • Chris

      I agree, I also prefer the puppies in this one

    • Vicwick

      Shouldn't be too hard to find. Cats like that are all over the place.

  • Beandaddy

    #4 masstifs are the shit.

    • Arrex

      that's a great dane dumbass

      • Max

        Haha legit…

        • Billy

          And they take huge shits………….

      • well...

        a great Dane is a breed of mastiff. Don't be so judgmental.

    • Bill


    • Esoteric

      pretty sure thats a great dane………

    • Axy

      Thats a great dane.

    • Mak

      It's a Great Dane tard nugget…

  • Shawn john

    I love #10

    • Jonah

      ya, totally, joking about people getting their faces eaten off is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!

      • truth

        You living in Florida? Taking it a bit too personal.

        • really?

          Yes, having a person lose 80% of their face is hilarious.

          • Matt Bloom

            You mad bro? Chill out it's just a joke. Plus I'm sure that cat is on bathsalts so take it easy.

  • sithney

    #6 cue the inception jokes…

    • driz


    • David Allen

      Mind officially blown.

    • Moony

      C'mon I think we Chivers are deeper than that.

      • bill

        no we're not, we are shallow and love bewbs

    • Nacho

      Yo Dawg

  • Lunch_Box

    #6 Knockoff monitor = SAMSUG.

    • Matt Bloom

      It's Sony guts.

  • Max


    • Dr_Fap

      You are actually 11th, but thumbs up for forcing me to go back and count.

  • Machismo_Loco

    #17 waiting……… waiting…….. POUNCE!!!

  • El_profe

    #9 no matter how cuddly you make it, morse code isn't coming back

    • Smitty

      I got it! I'm wondering how many HAM chivers there are? The rest are like, wtf?

  • BigOkie

    #21 Static electricity is a bitch!

  • mazdaspeedy

    #15 I did not know you can return them!

    • etcrr

      If it fits, It ships!

  • hoosier

    I hate weekends. I want a full day of chive

    • Chive

      yeah baby. suck that green dick

      • rynaldo


    • Also a Hoosier

      You hate weekends? Get the fuck out of my state.



    "This is Bullshit. Im a Cat not a Dog"

  • Patch adams

    #2 dident even see the cat at first

    • Sandstorm

      Right her boobs are prime

      • rynaldo

        havent seen that comment in at least ten minutes

  • rmx386

    #15. Winner.

  • goldengekko1

    #24 that is cute but did you know the real lion that done the origional opening credit mauled and killed his owner the day after filming it roar in that exactl scene :O TRUE STORY BRO

    • press

      Hollywood stars always turn on the little people, once fame and success arrive.

    • MVP(MetalVsPlastic)

      I now fear for the owner of that cat's life.

    • PartsUnkn0wn

      That's actually not true Bro. The original lion, named Slats, never attacked its trainer.

      • Methos

        As a matter of fact, none of the five lions used for the logo over the years has ever attacked anyone, unless you count 'acting' in movies.

        • Ken

          My "Uncle John's Crapper" says otherwise you guys. By the way Goldengekko1 – you writing TRUE STORY BRO (and in caps no less!) was awesome.

    • Cantaloupe

      I assume you're trolling with a well-known false-fact

    • goldengekko1

      Ok to all of you saying im wrong i read the fact in one of the chives gallerys in the i bet you didnt know ones plus ive seen it countless times elsewhere on the net, Ken i thank you very much i would have posted a picture of the MEME too but got lazy 😀 and if i find the gallery il post the link to it so you can all call the chive a lier too which im sure none of you will want to do 😀 FUCK YEAH lol sorry had to do it felt good writing this comment 😀

      • The_Dood

        About half of the facts in the bet you didn't know galleries to date have been false.

      • CEWOl

        You are a retarded cunt.

  • crazydog

    #7 the 70's called; they want their hairstyle back… Dude looks like barry gibb

    • Moony

      But he's holding a cat.

      • sploodge

        but he's a ginger….. is he stealing the cats soul?

  • oqsig99

    #20 should be let out to play, just look at him, so adorable. If you take #1 to a lake, would he roll it out?

  • thorthechiver

    #4 i think hes wondering how many bites it would take to eat that little kitty

  • snowboarder

    I would kill for #7s hair.

    • CEWOl

      Shawn White wannabe mother fucker.

  • TheHypnotizer

    #19 #21 How many times are they going to post these pictures? You'd think they had enough submissions that they wouldn't have to recycle.

    • @PeterJasonMN

      It's TheChive. They recycle more than Trader Joe's.

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