So we’re in Key West…

west of So were in Key West...

We received hundreds of emails asking us what we’re doing and where we’re going to be this weekend in the Keys. Honestly, we have no clue what we’re doing here, where we’re going, or if we’re ever leaving… because it’s awesome here.

But there are a ton of Chivers here in Key West and we owe y’all a beer or two. As far as our schedule goes, we think we’ll be at Willie T’s tonight around 9 pm for a going-away party for some of our Coast Guard Chivers. See you there!

I’m drunk. I’m not spell checking this.


  • warren

    there goes Duval st…

    • Paulas#1fan

      Cmon chive get with the times, morgan is cute but we are all still anticipating the full archive of Paulas greatest hits. Im not the only one. Martha begged me to ask for this. PS. for all the Paula haters out there, just remember the played a major role in your freedom to hate her. I would appreciate a detailed essay from haters of the genius of Paula to explain why you are superior to the her. She makes my life complete

      • PlsMarryMePaula??

        I await your thumbs down for my grammar and my love for the beautiful soul that keeps our hearts alive

        • the rest of us

          Keep waiting…

  • laws

    doesn't get much better than partying with these guys. I'm in Indiana but wish i was there

  • observer

    it's funny, because of the dar yesterday everybody knows they're here so it's been a game of 'find her' watching chivers hop from bar to bar. if you were at the green parrot last night, you found them 🙂

  • jason

    i'm in!

  • will turner

    trip from miama isn't that bad…

  • HOOK

    Epic night?Post the evidence.

  • gmen

    tough life…

  • guthrie

    Way to be John!!

  • Jerry

    Make sure you watch the C's beat Lebron.

    • Damn Right

      aint going to happen, LOSER

      • kkd

        end yourself

        • Damn Right


      • Dr.Akhavein

        If Lebron plays like "Lebron in the 4th"………… it's over!

        • Damn Right

          Now who looks stupid?

          • Ian Anderson

            I'm sure you have always been a Heat fan…not just jumping on the bandwagon…

    • Damn Right

      Celtics are going to lose

    • Alphabetty boop

      More like the C's beating the B's and the A's right comrades?! :*

      • Dave

        Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    • thedude325

      <img src="; width="300">
      p.s. Last time I was in the keys I went deep sea fishing. It was awesome.

    • Heh

      "Celtics gave up." << from Jerry's facebook 8 hours ago

    • downfall616

      i'll make sure NOT to watch the celtics LOSE!!!

    • MrW4TZ

      Ooooo Jerry isn't it tough believing that hard that Boston was goin to win. And then te lost by double digits. Must be tough buddy.

  • Jim Zielinski

    The hardest part about the Keys is leaving. Have a blast guys!

    • Gaspasser

      Where u from? We share the same last name.

  • Jerry Johnson

    Make sure you watch the C's beat Lebron.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      How about one more time for good measure.

    • j.d.

      Kathryn looks like she likes it up the ass, and mouth, same time. Just likes to be ridden like a bicycle. Go away, Jerry.

  • TJ0351

    I want photographic evidence of all acts of debauchery and drunken antics please sir.

    • _maxPain_

      I support that motion,in a special edition '''THE DAR in the Key's'''

  • SUPer4Life

    Thinking of heading down…..The gf should be fine with me blowing off our date night right?…..right??

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Right! End of. No further discussion required.

      I assume you are already on your way?

      • Isaiah

        It's the Chive. She'll understand. She has to.

  • Thisisshorty

    Make sure you try the 36 oz Mojitos at Willie Ts!

  • Paula_

    I can't make it tonight; quite a few Chivers have accepted my free drinks already; the trunk is meow full.

    What happens in Key West… happens in Key West.

    – the one you love to hate

  • rob

    You gotta go to the southern most beach. Clothing optional. My ship went to key west a few months back. Pretty awesome vacation spot if you ask me.

  • Retired Navy

    I was stationed in Key West from 1985-1989. 4 years, many beers!!
    Let me know when you guys go to Guam. I was over there 1982-1985. 3 years and (yep) many beers.

    • Ken

      When you were in Guam, I was 2.

      • Bobby

        When you were two, I was -10 years old.

  • BB23

    I'm over in Naples, Florida! Its a good 4 hour+ drive, but I may just head down and come party with everyone!

  • Megalodon Chives On

    My sister was stationed there while I was in Lejeune. It's a totally different life down there. Chive on guys!!

  • Marty

    How about a Chicago/surburbs night out??? Let's party!!!!! There's no better summer city than Chicago!!!! KCCO!!!!!!

    • @theterryburke

      anywhere is better then chicago in the summer. and besides they did that last year

  • comrade7apaches

    why should we give a shit what you do on the weekends? Enough self promotion. fuck. you're worse than those duck face girls you hate. chive it up the arse

    • b-ry

      100% agreed. no one gives a fuck. more funny content, less self-promotion.

      • Curtis Payne

        im with you two, seeing as how i still havent been refunded my express delivery charge from fucking christmas im fucking pissed at you fucks flagrantly throwing mine and others hard earned money at bartenders and skanks. your thieves, your hole site is based on stealing shit from others so please go wrestle an alligator and lose

        • Lex Williams


          now shoo dumbass, shoo.

          • Bizarrobear

            **others' – Curtis and only one other would not be able to provide enough money for John to throw at the bartenders, let alone the bartenders AND skanks.

    • ouchie

      Or, You're just a straight-up fucktard. why are you chiving if you're against chiving, and don't support theCHIVE?

      • Arnez

        it's a website. just post the funny shit, and shut up. "chiving". it's looking at a fucking website, you clown.

    • d.c.

      funny how my comments dont go through when i mention your dispicable business practices….quit wasting our hard earned money on skanks and booze and bragging about it….thumbs me down if you like but thechivery is so called bc it rhymes or rather sounds like thievery

      • Matthew

        Or you could just go away. If you don't like their business practices then do what you can to stop them, don't visit the site and don't give them money. I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. Cause me personally I'm gonna KCCO cause these despicable egotistical assholes and their followers just bought a wounded Navy EOD tech his dream house and some, what have you done lately for others?

    • Lotus

      I couldn't agree more with not giving a shit about what these guys do on the weekend, reminds me of faceboook drivel.

      Work on giving me better quality posts and I will complain less.

    • Needlegun13

      Wow. Completely unnecessary.

  • Dick Hertz

    Go to the Garden of Eden

  • ChaseTheWalker

    Stop talking!

  • Brian

    Get to Blue Heaven for breakfast – you won't be sorry. Just watch out for the chickens…..

  • Gaston

    A load of peeps will at willy t's.. Chiving on!!

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