So we’re in Key West…

west of So were in Key West...

We received hundreds of emails asking us what we’re doing and where we’re going to be this weekend in the Keys. Honestly, we have no clue what we’re doing here, where we’re going, or if we’re ever leaving… because it’s awesome here.

But there are a ton of Chivers here in Key West and we owe y’all a beer or two. As far as our schedule goes, we think we’ll be at Willie T’s tonight around 9 pm for a going-away party for some of our Coast Guard Chivers. See you there!

I’m drunk. I’m not spell checking this.


  • Liam

    you have to check out the porch. its a small bar with a HUGE selection deffinatley a kcco kind of place!/theporchkw

  • Haruna

    I don’t even want to consider the phoots from the last century and my husband’s father who still prints two copies of each photo he takes. We have a deceased great-aunt’s filing cabinet filled with family phoots .I wouldn’t know where to begin.One project we would scan started when we got married. Almost nine years ago we handed out disposable cameras at our wedding we developed all the phoots, including the ones taken by the ankle biters documenting the gum under the reception tables.

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