So we’re in Key West…

west of So were in Key West...

We received hundreds of emails asking us what we’re doing and where we’re going to be this weekend in the Keys. Honestly, we have no clue what we’re doing here, where we’re going, or if we’re ever leaving… because it’s awesome here.

But there are a ton of Chivers here in Key West and we owe y’all a beer or two. As far as our schedule goes, we think we’ll be at Willie T’s tonight around 9 pm for a going-away party for some of our Coast Guard Chivers. See you there!

I’m drunk. I’m not spell checking this.


  • Rainmaker2112

    I'm almost as far diagonally (since ya'll are drunks that's die-ag-O-nall-ee) northwest that you can be from you guys in the USA. We here in the upper Pacific Northwest salute those of you drinking, watching boobs, watching broads and drink more…by simply drinking.

    Will wait for photographic proof that ya'll are really there! EJNOY NAD HICVE NO! <—- (figured John drunk will see this in the right form).

  • LowRyeKCCO

    I will be there, oh yes!!

  • LowRyeKCCO

    You don't have to post a schedule, but at least Twitter or something when you go somewhere new!

  • Scott

    You guys should make a point to visit the live cam just outside Sloppy Joe's so we can all see the debauchery!

  • dafuq

    You're not drunk, John.

  • CudjoeScott

    The wife and I will be there. KCCO!!!!

  • Enrique Arias

    Come to Rick’s, it’s bacchanalia (kind of a rum fest). If not we will see you guys at Willie T’s!!!!!

  • Erik

    801 Duvall Street. The transgender/crossdressing show is worth seeing. I remember… Some of it.

  • Enrique

    Come to Ricks it's bacchanali ( it's a kind of rum fest). If not we will see you at Willie T's.

  • MercSoldier

    Enjoy those drunken titties you will be seeing at Willie T's. That place is the definition of a shit show 😀

  • ladderzombie

    John, there are sober people whose spelling is worse. Just keep calm and party on 🙂

  • Brad

    The Red Garter and Sloppy Joe's are where its at. Go C's!

  • frank coolidge


    • Damn Right

      They lost, why would anyone go there?

  • Craig

    Thanks for showing the CG some love down there!!! The chive is huge in the CG!

    • DamageControlman

      Hell yay!

    • Mike

      We loved having you in San Diego, great to see you supporting the CG in Key West! What a great way to have a going away party!!!

  • SammyCAMP

    Come to Vail Colorado!

  • zero

    Go to green parrot instead

  • Manolo Black

    Go grab some of the best food in the keys at Square Grouper Bar & Grill!!!

  • Anonymous


  • bored in NJ


  • Frank

    fuck yeah, pretty much my favorite destination! I'll be there in September

  • Gaston

    Peeps waiting on u guys.. Don't let us down

  • Robzilla

    I was in Key West today. Had my KKCO shirt flying.

  • Ryad

    Anyone had eyes on them recently? Still not here…

  • Mike Hook Come ride jetpacks with us in Key Largo

  • Bill

    As a Coastie, thanks for showing them some love!

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