So we’re in Key West…

west of So were in Key West...

We received hundreds of emails asking us what we’re doing and where we’re going to be this weekend in the Keys. Honestly, we have no clue what we’re doing here, where we’re going, or if we’re ever leaving… because it’s awesome here.

But there are a ton of Chivers here in Key West and we owe y’all a beer or two. As far as our schedule goes, we think we’ll be at Willie T’s tonight around 9 pm for a going-away party for some of our Coast Guard Chivers. See you there!

I’m drunk. I’m not spell checking this.


  • Gaston

    They never showed up.. They Failed key west!!! Had 30 people large waiting. Thanks guys

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    That moment when his post doesn't need to be spellchecked.

  • joe

    FYI, they are there right now!

  • Gaston

    K showed face.. Met John .. Good guy.. Little late but good guy

  • Baba Booey

    coast guard? Really?

  • shane

    im in key west too!!!! will have to see you guys!

  • MCPO117

    Stuck in Hawaii

    • CPO mike

      "Stuck" in Hawaii Master Chief??? There are worse places to be stuck… I'll be "stuck" there for a month in a couple weeks.

      • MCPO117

        How does stuck for 16 YEARS sound to you? Bad politics, crazy homeless drunks from the mainland, and those hula girls don't dance always.See you here in a couple weeks!KCCOMaster ChiefSent from my iPod

  • lex

    fun fact: key west is a gay bar in Leuven (Belgium) city of the first real brewery Stella Artois

  • Jordan Tapia

    i was in the Keys not too long ago and i am so upset that i missed this!! i would really hope you can make it out to San Francisco/Bay Area upon our return from deployment.
    -Chivers Of The USCGC Weasche

  • Jkeester

    Have fun with all the gay boys down there Sandusky

  • Mike

    Captain Tony!!! the oldest bar in Florida!!

  • Mimi

    Sorry, but nothing will ever compare to Vegas

    • Baba Booey

      There are many better places than vegas. Vegas is a shithole

  • Laz423

    Welcome to PRIDE FEST!!!!! KCCO

  • Adam

    At my home town 🙂 Enjoy it there, it's awesome.

  • Kyler Wartman

    I cant believe I missed you by 5 days!!! If I only would of known! Chive On!!

  • Avlds13

    Woot saw you guys last night. 🙂

  • Chicer

    Get sexy

  • Vandinz

    The title is terrible grammar. There's a spate of people starting a conversation with a conjecture. It implies we're already part to the conversation, which we're not. You're welcome.

    • Vandinz

      OK I fucked up. I meant conjunction, not conjecture. You're still welcome.

  • Heather

    We'll be there Thursday. Can't wait to get on the ocean.

  • Myblueharry

    "I'm drunk. I'm not spell checking this."

  • ItsMeeJv

    Can I borrow your life for a day?

  • Jealous

    Must be good to have money…

    • Jerry

      It is.

  • Jana Chris Noel Newton

    Shit man, how come I wasn't informed of this sooner?

  • johanna

    i used to live in key west! make sure to stop by irish kevin's & sloppy joe's!!

  • corey

    irish kevins!

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