Soooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

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  • babyfartmagizax

    #26 Nice job!

    • Kato

      clearly that girl was trying to go for a reacharound… too bad her arms aren't that long

      • Kato

        What? A down vote?! Preposterous!!!

    • baby farts dad

      Real cool comment baby dicks magicsacks

      • yourmom

        #10 is babyfart i bet

        • douche baggins

          I bet you're ruca..trying to be funny and failing again.

    • NDChiver

      Why is this pic not in a "your doin it right" gallery!?

      • Morten Skinner Norup

        Because such a gallery doesn't exsist.
        You may be referring to the 'You're doing it right' gallery, though.

        You're welcome.

    • LOL

      That's the face of pure joy.

    • Shabooms

      The kitty's titties!

    • kitty_karloso

      How do you always respond so quickly!?

      • Arnez

        it's called "not having a life".

    • Saskguy26

      I would have gone for the one on the leopard print

    • David Allen

      Like a boss.

    • Zach

      That's not a nice job. That's legen… wait for it…. dary!!!!!

    • Axeman79

      bfm,,, please find a life. Don't do it for you, do it for me.

    • Lisa

      Nice!! Definitely no "hoverhand" there. 😉

  • Joshua Searcy

    Lmao #7

    • ozioziozioioioioioi

      Is the 2ND shitest band in the world…………..Nickelback wins hands down

  • Ashley


  • Malisa

    <img src=>#10 The guy fell asleep also do not forget to eat, Really moving !!!LoL <img src=>

    • The Guy

      This guy will be on a diet soon after realizing the entire world views him as an American mascot.

    • TheJesus

      The asscrack sweat-line really puts this pic over the top.

    • mickey

      etcrr after his Mom let him out of the basement , so he could get some sun…

  • James

    #26 WINNING

    • zissou

      He's got the whole world in his hands

  • passwordistaco

    #5 Dear Diary…… I found this really attractive woman who was / fuck it – Jackpot!

    • Kodos

      check that left ankle.. somebody beat you to it!

    • word

      Looks like a crime scene. Naked girl. Panties around ankles and condom rapper on floor

      • Idk

        You forgot to mention she's stuffed in a suitcase.

  • Kato
  • Frank

    #26 only thing missing is "boobs"

    • Trav1121

      His left hand has got that covered! Gratz on the Under-Kini Grab, dude!

      • Bamfo

        That's his right hand bro, and the point was she has small boobs. Don't get me wrong though, I'd still grab a hand "full"!

  • BloodScrubber

    #25 Just learned Rule No.6. Never drink from a bottle thats been left unattended. 😉

  • WelfareDept

    #18 this one time! At band camp!

  • BigOkie

    #5 Can't tell if that's her panties around her ankle… And believe me, I'm really, really putting effort into looking at it.

    • ScottyD63

      Freakin' dinosaur feet…

    • dmdpt

      her panties were long gone before this.

  • rmx386


    Whenever I have a major problem in my life, I like to sweep it under the rug as well.

    • SDcharger

      great comment

      • Banananah

        even greater reply

  • BabyFart


    • Matt Bloom

      #9 Cubs win. Cubs win.

    • ozioziozioioioioioi


  • ruca


    • ruca

      I failed miserably. Was making fun of Babyfart and being first all the time but it reloaded my name after first comment.

    • ozioziozioioioioioi


  • Scotty P

    #26 Like a boss…

    • Bossman

      Combo breaker!

    • CarRamRod

      #winning, #tigerblood any more cliches we can throw in there?

  • ruca


    • ozioziozioioioioioi


  • ruca


    • ozioziozioioioioioi


  • ruca


  • ruca


    • ozioziozioioioioioi


  • Still_MisGuided

    #26 is doing it right, bravo sir

  • auti

    #10 omfg thats disgusting. i almost puked my lunch out

    • Frank

      Not that I'm trying to look real hard but I think he pissed himself.

      • Frank #2

        Not that i'm trying to look hard but where is his penis?

        • Mak

          I thought the same thing!

    • Guesty

      First time you've seen a drunk fat dude passed out? You need to go to more parties.

      • beer

        or just to the USA in general

        • Southernmost

          That's right asshole, there's enough money to party and eat in the USA.

          • meeee

            obesity is nothing to be proud of.

    • Peter Reenkle

      Did someone shave half of his face?

  • freddy boy

    RUCA, I see what you did there.

    • Laura

      Yeah it was super gay!

  • Shabooms

    #2 that's Happy's in Louisiana!

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      Downtown Baton Rouge FTW. 🙂 Very good call Shabooms.

  • Maoam

    #26 You're doin' it right!

  • Missoula

    #15I tried so for so long to find my little tiny peepee I fell asleep.

    • Iamionek

      Really douchebag?

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