Being a great dad: Level Boss (22 Photos)


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  • WindyCityKid13

    I wanna see the look on that kids face when he gets all this cool shit!

  • Kenton

    if the lawyer brought this up at the custody hearing, you would be pwnd.

  • REid6982

    Awesome! I want one…but with booze !

  • mateo

    id rather go shoot than play xbox anyday.

  • Alex Clarke

    #8 .. Could be dangerous..

  • Anonymous

    best dad ever

  • Lisa

    #4 #5 best chocolate EVER

  • Blazej Prusiecki

    awesome polish dad is awesome 😀

  • HBomb

    This is one awesome pops!! I mean, who doesn't love zombies and candy??

  • Guy Ford

    BADASS!!! Greatest dad level = infinite

  • NebraskaGuy

    Any man who loves his kids and cares for them, they get a huge thumbs-UP in my book!

    That's all I have to say about that … 🙂

  • GuntherSquirrel

    This dad should get the "Father of the Year" award… Hands down.

  • TexasChiver

    In Texas we'd include all the same treats but just give him a real AK-47 and take him to the range.

    Still as a dad I can appreciate how long it takes to do these things so kudos to dad.

  • BOoRadley


  • Torden


  • Mido

    Not Dad/son thing… It's GF/BF thing…

  • C-spot

    Do they celebrate Father's Day in Canada?

  • Matrixx19

    OMFG that is so awesome!

  • Alex

    That is F***ing Awesome

  • Jameswastaken

    I hope I can be this cool of a father for my kids!

  • Dana Xu

    Dad of the Year

  • kaos

    this was on 9gag and was a gift from gf to bf

  • eXeq

    You're an Awesome Dad! KCCO in Poland!

  • ndanger

    not a father, was a girlfriend for her bf. seen it on 9gag.

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