Darwin’s exceptions (30 Photos)

  • SARmedic

    #13 There's a youtube video of this one. The guy was videotaping that cop and he went batshit on him and finally arrested him. Total douche cop. Found it: http://youtu.be/U0X1Acrty6E

    • SARmedic

      lol, wrong video but I'm sure it was the same outcome for whomever took this video/picture.

  • zgl

    #14 is from v for vendetta

  • Blake

    I think #10 is my old roommate and this is the perfect catagory for him lmfao!!

    • Blake


  • Bob

    Creatures in water…Fuck that snake

  • Ck

    #1 Made with bits of real jaguar so you know it’s good.

  • Hubbie

    You can see the tiles in the background through the star… WTF?!?

  • steve


    Dont lie we have all done something like this.

  • vinnychase

    everyone on this post scares the shit outta me………literally, everywhere

  • sean

    i thought #26 's left knee was a baby's head… o.O

  • RRJ

    I bet #25 felt pretty silly when Walmart changed their logo

  • Adam F

    #3 is that a bowl of blow on the table?

  • Bob

    #5 morons like this are there to make us all feel more intelligent and superior

  • Pezski

    Oddly, #5 made me cringe more than #24

  • treyjo31

    #6 thug life!!!

  • Chesters Mule

    #14 Does this flame bait own stock in sharpie or did he just use hair in a can all over his face?

  • Shawn

    Wow, no hope for the human race it seems.

  • BenaB

    #27 Step right up and experience a day in the life of a turd!

  • Smitty

    #10 : No drop cloth? Are you kidding me?

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  • cmlitzenberg

    #10 can't lie, I have totally done that trying to change a light bulb. Some people just don't own step ladders Chive. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

  • johnnystyle

    #28 NO!
    #24 HELL NO!

  • Anonymous

    #13 Woot! Montgomery County Sheriff’s (Texas) in the house!

  • celticsquid

    Ok, so I could put all the numbers but you can just go looj at all of them again. Thank you Chive for making me feel normal yet again. 🙂

  • Chris

    #1 I have the weirdest boner right now?

  • ozioziozioioioioioi

    #8 Please just promise me you won`t reproduce… cause you young lady are just plain fucking stupid

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