She’s right behind you, also, Find Her (31 Photos)

  • pofuerte

    #25 #27

    • Pete
      • OhHai

        #25 is a painting.

        • alister

          OhHai is a retard.

    • Brent

      #27 is miss march on the STIHL Chainsaw 2012 calendar.

    • chase

      isn't this cintia dicker?

    • frigginhumid

      #25 Natasha Photographed by Tsifrolyub

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #8 W T F ??!!

    • AHHHHH


    • luke

      you can find her from 8:30 – 5 at the junior high
      no thanks

      • Jason

        Just wait at the bus stop with a snack pack and a puppy in a windowless van. You can pull six or seven of those

        • etcrr

          really? the most i ever got was 2……

    • Kashoggi

      Abbey Lee Kershaw

    • degen

      young steven tyler?

    • djmeans

      She looks young but she is 24,

    • whyme1973

      Contributing to the delinquency.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I don't care how old she is, if she looks like she's 12, NO THANKS!

    • SARmedic

      Even Pedobear is scared of her…

    • SC Chiver

      Maybe she shouldn't be wearing the "fuck me" face

  • ThatGuy

    #25 Please and thank you

    • AfterDark

      I put another of her on with a link to even more

  • Vols fan

    #25 Yes, please!

  • mrlucky11

    #6 #8 #23 #25
    I'm searching …. doing my part

    • rcguy8

      #6 is Shawn Dillon… you're welcome haha

    • VaderWRX

      #23 is Danielle Lo, she has some great shots on

      • Tomas

        Thank you, kind sir! B)

      • nate


    • Asdf

      #23 is dannie riel
      #25 i think is faye reagan (pr0n star)

    • jason

      #6 Shawn dilion

  • The2nd

    #4 dude from twilight?

    • DeAnna Michelle Weppler

      Thought the same thing! haha

      • tv_paul

        You're right, this guy should stay out of the sun, cover his body with the stripper glitter dust and hang out in front of the next twilight movie opening. I bet a lot of girls would make all kinds of offers.

  • Nick
    • Nick


      Not sure why the picture didn't show up

      • JHL1

        Achievement unlocked.

  • driftwoodprose

    #13 – find Charlize Theron? Huh, that's probably the easiest request yet.

    • Aaron

      She was the only thing to make that movie tolerable.

    • is awesome

      not if she is on another planet

    • Fish

      This shot is fr

    • Fish

      This is from the most excellent Prometheus. Go see it. Now!

      • duke

        that movie was horrible….DO NOT go see it….

        • tralfaz

          Well am I going to see it or not? Now I don't know what to do.

          • MebbeBebbe

            I thought it sucked too. Incredibly boring and overwrought.

            • 686

              agreed. would not recommend it.

    • Billy Wang

      she's stuck on lv-223

      • Bob

        I think crushed under a ship on lv-223 is more accurate. Probably not so attractive anymore.


      I just thinks she looks like Samus…

    • Indibulous

      Skip prometheus and go see her naked (albeit covered in stab wounds) in The Devil's Advocate.

  • CowboyChiver

    #25 Something tells me there is more to this photo set…

    • AfterDark

      There's plenty more of her, I put a link on

      • Matt Gabrielson

        I am going to go to this link. Better not be fake.

        • Matt Gabrielson

          K, good. 🙂

      • Mit

        another set of her can be found here (NSFW) … quality of the images is accepatble

  • ColaChiver

    #3 ..Just what I thought…. What is he..picture …boobs.

    • Guest

      A true Chiver would submit a pic without them in it mucking it up — just the lady and her twins

      • A Pervert


  • Ralph

    #1 is Taylor Stevens. She was on the radio today explaining the whole thing. She also said she's back for the next game.

    • F3n1x187

      Her twitter is @TAYSTEVENS

    • Ralph

      Link to her blog NSFW!

    • jizzMarkie

      Go Kings GO!

    • Don Francisco

      Blah, total butterface.

      • discowheels

        She has a face????

    • jack

      If you are a porn star or stripper, these kind of things just fall flat. No pun intended.

  • tv_paul

    #14 The Trifecta of hotness! Win – if you got with any of them, Place – anywhere you can get it, Show – Please show us some more.

    • Todrik

      Ahh, the much underrated friend-bra… Excellent!

    • tv_paulsuckstv_balls

      Go to any beach or yacht club and find 3 random skanks. Viola.

      • Luke

        Lol that is true nothing special about that whatsoever

        • Trollhunter

          You stud(sarcasm)s must be dating Super Models (again sarcasm). These girls are cute.

          • bukssna

            STFU. you don't need to bang 9s and 10s to acknowledge when a 5 or 6 is just a 5 or 6.

            • Tubesteak

              If you're wasting your time with 5s and 6s then you're wasting your life and you're a loser. Nothing less than an 8 is acceptable

      • tralfaz

        Which one's Viola?

    • uplim


    • MonkeyMadness

      That's just all kinds of hot!

    • Martin Dugas

      If you want more, then you must find the owner of that boat bc I promise you he "got" everything that day.


      I actually know these girls I wonder if theCHIVE would actually contact them

      • Anon

        Hand bra photo shoot.

  • ColaChiver

    #6 Might be the most beautiful girl ever.

  • mtguy1

    #25 & #27 must be found

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #27 What about without the heels?

    • Saskguy26

      what if it's a hobbit door?

    • Dr. RC

      What about the sill she is standing on as well? Sorry, I doubt she is taller than 6ft.

      • kfourleaf

        What is standard door height in custom chainsaw built log cabin?

    • Smartass

      That's probably Amazon Eve, the world's (2nd) tallest model at 6'9".

      • Mowwy

        Durrrr she is wearing 7" heels… You're all idiots.

    • bu bu

      Dudes math sucks. 80 inches is 6'6" minus the 5" heels minus the 4" below the dorr frame she'[s 5'8" or 5"9" at best

      • Bill Murray

        agreed. christ, chivers are dumb.

      • JHBoricua

        Ummm, speaking of sucking at math, 80 inches is 6 feet 8 inches, not 6' 6".

  • drew

    #1 LETS GO DEVILS! that is all

    • BringHomeTheCup

      Rangers suck flyers swallow

      • bling306

        Come up with your own fucking chant…its pretty pathetic that you hear "rangers suck" at all home games, not just the rangers/devils games…also, real classy to yell "you suck" to the other team when the devils score a go

        • drew

          well, ranges fans yell "Potvin Sucks"at every game…. Where is the logic in that?

  • Bewbs
    • upy3rz

      I see why her heads cut off in the pic…just ruins it.

    • CaNaDaaa

      She was there again tonight….

  • Brian

    #28 #25 #19
    Definitely would love to see MOAR of these beautiful women.

    • Adam
    • PaysToBeGoodLooking

      #19 is Alexis Dupre. You probably won't find much on her because I think she disabled her Facebook and ModelMayhem accounts. She lives here Aliso Viejo, CA though. I've known her for almost 8 years. She's even better looking in person!

      • Lotus

        #19 was by far the best girl posted, #28 was a poorly done shop by the way, tineye it if you don't want to believe me

        • Dr_Fap

          Such a poor shop job! It is so bad that they were able to recreate the exact same ass in every picture. So obvious, thanks for pointing this out genius.

          • Lotus

            No prob, poopsie-kins.

      • ReplyasaGuestorlogin

        I was gonna say Lucy Pinder but I'll take your word on it

  • iXOredheds

    #31 RedicuHawt!

  • ColaChiver

    #12 …Hoverthumb

  • sjd


    Is this an invitation?

  • Nick

    #25 is Amit Freidman, and more…

    • Blakken

      Thank you! 😉

      • Blakken's Dad

        Dammit, son! Get out of the basement and go a touch a tit already!!

    • corekshun

      NOT Amit Friedman, sorry.

    • Matt Gabrielson

      While both hot, this woman is a little juggsier than Amit. Also, I believe the only pictures that exist on the internet of Amit Friedman are of fashion product photography; this photo would be a break-through if it actually be a personal shot of her.


    #14 is excellent, i think im gonna buy a boat, we'll u 3 be my new freinds?

    • Matt Gabrielson

      I would love to be in the friendzone: camera holder if it meant I could be there for this kind of stuff.

    • Fuglie

      For a couple million you could probably do a lot better….just saying.

      • Typical Chiver

        if you think it's possible to do better than ANY of the girls/goddesses posted on the chive, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you, my good sir, are an obvious troll/gay/liar/basement dweller/hater. NO EXCEPTIONS! just saying.

  • Dork

    Last time I saw her she did not look too good. Will not say anything else to avoid spoiler alert 😉

  • F3n1x187

    #10 Riley steele

    #22 Candice Swanepoel VS model

    • Bud

      This find her is stacked full of 4 year old pictures and famous chicks.

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