• Connman

    why r u nerds so picky? nothings wrong with a handjob behind a dumpster,even if its her.chive on! baby.

  • sleepysteve

    That's just mean man, not cool, like shooting a mans luggage.

  • EJK

    Yup… totally.

  • sevans

    So… what is it, anyway?

  • Joe Blow

    even as a chic – UGLY

  • Dingo

    Note to self: Refrain from fapping until I've finished scrolling.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    This is a good reason why I like my women sans fards

  • EJK

    Yup. Hot is hot and a hole is a hole.

  • Antonio

    . . .yeah

  • Jawbone

    I'm sure you would, Bob.

  • bert

    Bed it over, I'd dent it.

  • DudeMan


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