Hot Right Now: Fit girls whose new year’s resolutions had nothing to do with working out more (36 Photos)

A woman’s point of view (25 Photos)

  • Da-mon

    #16 Anyone else notice the tripod next to her bed? Mother of God.

  • bdg

    I Love a Woman's point of view!!!!!
    I need #25 badly!!!!!

  • NostalJake

    Probably the best post EVAR! #14 Wow…

  • AWDesome

    #3 Good Lord I'm in heaven.
    So many bridges to cross.

  • Daniel

    Torqued after #3

  • KevinC

    holy crap…… has to be the single greatest chive post to date… dare i suggest, screw the other posts, make the whole site this…..dddamn!

  • Kevin

    Oh and props to #3 also.

  • brown dog

    Didn't see a kitchen.


  • martin

    I wish I had that view point… Just for a day 😉

  • jamie

    Dat Camel Toe !!! I'd eat that like Sunday brunch,,, going back for seconds and thirds !! YUM MOAR!!

  • jamie

    #3 Mother of God

  • Rich

    #16 lovely. The tripod in the background is interesting. Any video you can share. 🙂

  • Smith '12

    #10 that's my kind of woman

  • Joe Day

    #3 #16 #20 #22 ERMAGERD

  • Shazi Roxx

    Visit to see sexy Indian girls

  • Karl

    Where' s the shot of ceiling tiles?

  • Chris

    #3, #17

  • Fred

    #16 just a little lick please

  • Craig

    All have amazing bodies…wondering how there are some negative comments. Willing to bet those negative comments are coming from ppl who have never been with a beautiful woman and are just bitter.

  • Omg

    #4 come to darkside

  • noelmarquez

    #14 very nice find her

  • WayneZzWorld13

    #23 Might as well be an advertisement, I know I want an Arizona now….

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  • Bob

    #3…Call me a freak, but I LOVE the camel toe.

  • kmill

    #15 photoshopped legs….you cant see ninjas

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