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  • whyme1973

    #6 What a cutie!
    #33 I really like all the weapons in this picture.


    #6 Why hello there!
    #13 I don't care how many times you guys repost this, it works.
    #33 First though, "WHOA!"

  • Dirtsquid

    Woah #31, how did you get through such a tough day on your deployment? Go get yourself a smoothie and reflect on what a hard time you had today. Take tomorrow off, too.

    #33, DD's with an XD, well done.

    • trapper

      That's a SIG.

      • ThisGuySays

        Hmm… Nope… Looks like an XD to me.

        • Guest

          Definitely an XD subcompact. I own one.

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