Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Ryan

    #26 OMG More Please!!!!!

  • NerdLover

    #26 best post of the day

  • Pants

    #12 School in a nutshell.

  • texaschiver

    #48 I am tired of mine, can I trade her for you? No?… ok.

  • http://twitter.com/BSimmzy @BSimmzy

    #26 AND I AM IN LOVE!! Please find her! If she reads this, Hi I'm Brian 🙂 Tweet me @BSimmzy

  • Mike

    #1 Really Willy! You get released and the first thing you do is go get a Big Gulp!

  • Jason

    #14 Is that Ruth England from the Discovery Channel show Man, Woman, Wild? Looks like eating bugs does do the body good.

  • Name
  • Tyno

    #38 #48 nice Legs, beautiful

  • https://www.facebook.com/ajyaple Alex Jordan Yaple

    If #26 is not chivette of the week…. The world will end in the worst way…… Not having moar of this beautiful babe!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/j_calabaza @j_calabaza

    #36 Oh good lord…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rahrah316 Erik Rowley

    will number 4, 26, or 48 go out with me??

  • John

    25# i have seen those in the eastern block but said to say never seen awheel chair go down.

  • THT

    #14 – infinite MOAR

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiz.guy.7 Tiz Guy

    Omg, freaking advertment keep popping in on the good stuff!!__

  • Kenny

    #26 Nerd boobs good!!!

  • Rekoning

    #26 coreection… Ur kinda hot.

    • Haha

      You mean co-erection…ur kinda hot

  • Brian S

    #40 ..At first I thought "WTF" then I saw what they did there and now I got to find me one and #14 .. got to love a woman that brings her own 6-pack

  • http://www.facebook.com/csoong Christopher Soong

    MOAR of #26,#38,#48

  • Ricky Burgundy

    #31 Ned Stark on the throne lol Dat nigga got his head cut off.

  • katastrophe89


    and #49 lawl

  • UncleRuckus

    #19-Uncle Ruckus (no relation) says that is the best quote I've ever heard, and thank white Jesus for filmed anal sex.

  • LoBugg

    #8 Bahaha.
    #18 Gorgeous.
    #22 Awe!

  • -JP


    I am a professional photographer…..on the off-chance you're looking to start a career, I'd be more than happy to fly out my entire crew (hair,makeup,wardrobe,lighting, etc.) to wherever you are and pay $200/hour for your time. Just reply if the modelling industry interests you. No nudes!!!

    • Katelin

      Without seeig my face? Hmm

      • -JP

        Physique is essential. The face can be altered by makeup, lighting, etc. If you have a nice face, all the better! But your physique is perfect for casual and sports attire. It's your call. My offer is legitimate and you may bring whatever family or friends you want to any shoot, as long as they are not a distraction. If you are under 18, then you will need a guardian to sign for you. Which I doubt you are, just putting that out there JIC.

        • Katelin

          Hmmm I'm interested. Email?

          • -JP

            Trying to reply, but the Chive won't post it for some reason. I'll keep trying.

          • -JP

            So my business address doesn't get blown up, try the one I just made at qazwsxedc4567 and then the mail domain the Google owns. If I write it any other way, they won't let me post it here.

            • Katelin

              I still don't know how to get to it.

              • -JP

                That's my g mail add ress.

  • b3nje909


    I don't get it. Is she ragging her self out? Or Perez Hilton???
    I've got her on a Sk8 deck and she looks wicked.

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