‘Fallen Star’: A house that lives on the edge (15 Photos)

  • brian


    • Oz, Wizard of


    • DoC

      Ha, exactly what I was thinking. And finally a first comment that is not a "FIRST!" comment.

    • brian

      Oh well. Thank god I'm first.

  • hogfanatic

    umm….yea. ok

  • Bron Faulkes

    UCSD represent!

  • joe

    hey man theres a pool in my backyard you should go check it out

  • Tee

    wheres the bathroom??

    • https://www.facebook.com/remy.kempkes Rémy Kempkes

      off the balcony

    • https://www.facebook.com/georgeriveraiscool12 George Rivera

      The world is your bathroom.

    • Verbal_Kint

      You wont need one because you'll shit your pants…

    • Dr_StrangePants

      in your pants
      —especially if you have acrophobia

  • frank

    what if i told you…that its not the house that is tilted…but you are tilted?

    • FiddyKing

      There is no spoon

      • heywoodjablowme

        there is only zuul.

        • sean

          are we still going out?

  • blue

    so thats where the guy from Man on a Ledge lives

    • proasdt

      have u guys heard they're making a sequal to man on a ledge? it's called "dead guy on pavement"

      • JAFitC

        It sounds like a smash hit.

  • joe

    who the hell approves of these designs. I could never say something like this and get funding for it. "ok so i want to build a house, but on the corner of a 20 story building. Im going to need half a million dollars."

    • surge

      agreed. lets take up a team of engineers and other experts time so we can build a house on a slant and then nail a bunch of furniture down. oh and lets not allow the public in even though its a state university.

      • JAFitC

        At least the State of California has plenty of money available for such projects.

        • TheHolmes

          UCSD looks like a boom town these days – there are buildings going up everywhere, even while the state is in the toilet. I hope this money comes from private donors…

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Thanks Cali for waisting more of my money…Love Ohio!

        • Anon

          The money is from a bunch of rich people who invest in art projects all over the school, this is one of them. The doesn't come from the school or the state. I'm a student here and people were getting pissed over it but it's not our money so I can't complain. Pretty cool to say there's a house on a roof of a building here.

    • Bob

      Worst case scenario, call it "art" and the state will dump millions into it.

      • Alpha0010

        It is in California, so they probably looked at it and said "Only a half a million dollars? For a house that size? That's really cheap! You are approved"

        • thom

          Plus the "artist" is making a whiney statement about his displacement from Korea to America. WTF. His parents or whoever made that decision, and he gets $500,000+ to make this whiney thing?
          Fuck you California. Spend your way to oblivion.

          • hmmm

            you mad bro?

            • ShakeyTheMoyle

              If you had half a brain you might be also…sorry for your luck=/

              • wdh

                The money was donated by people for the art project. You got mad for nothing.. sorry for your luck..

  • pinnochio

    1 story house with 20 floors of basement 0.o

  • florence

    "ill just leave this freshly baked pie out on the window. HOLY SHIT A VULTURE!"

  • Brian S

    Begs the question… Why?

    • Dean spendthrift

      Cause they had a extra 500k laying around… A clever monument to the exponential rise in tuition was naturally in order.

      • thebuha

        they were able to fund it from all the profits they made at the bookstore.

  • herp de derp

    asians are weird

    • https://www.facebook.com/drew.reynolds3 Drew Reynolds

      Asians are really weird. They can be so 'smart' that they really are just dumb.

      • matterofopinion

        white people are lazy, dishonest, and make excuses for everything.
        hows that taste?

        • A white person

          don't forget needlessly condescending and neurotic.

    • hmmm

      every culture is going to be weird to the next culture.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Thanks Banksy…=/

  • Alpha_Dog

    This gives new meaning to "living on the edge".

  • Brutal_Deluxe

    I'll need first and last month's rent, and you'll probably want to get gravity insurance

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    $500,000 well spent.

    And when I say "well spent", I mean "wasted in a reckless manner".

    How many scholarships have been blown on that?

    • jpp

      ucsd doesnt give scholarships, instead they provide their students with some amazing art… like talking trees, houses on ledges, and a spaceship library 🙂

      • Facial lefleur

        How many scholarships has your mom blown?

        • Dr_StrangePants

          Ships FULL of Scholars?
          Damn that's a lot of dicks…

  • Livin' Legend

    I feel like there should be balloons and talking dogs in this.

  • Will

    I walk by this all the time. Its pretty bad ass. From what I've read, it was funded from money donated by people specifically for art projects, not from the pool of money used for scholarships.

  • FoolOfATook

    Amazing architectural achievement my ass. Architects draw whimsical pictures on paper much like a 5 year old. Anyone could say "I'd like a house on the ledge of a building, that'd be cool". It's the structural engineer that has to figure out how to make this crazy thing work. But they never get any credit. Oh well.

    • white ape

      structural engineers, represent!

    • Will

      The building it is sitting on top of is the school of engineering at UCSD…

  • RunningMan

    $500,000 spent should have been for (a) CASA, not a house like this.

  • Macro

    This is why the world is going down the shitter. Half a million bucks on something that serves no purpose other than some "artist" saying he misses home. Displacement my ass.

    • snakedoc

      He misses home because of assholes like you. And the world is fine, the US is going down the shitter because, once again, assholes like you.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Wow! I think you have achieved the,"The Half-Wit" level! Thanks for playing!

  • jroc


    • Lunch_Box


  • WoodGood

    The other architecture on that campus is pretty ugly. They should tear down all the gray cement slabs and build something like Hogworts.

  • Jammy

    Soooooo Playing ball in the backyard is out of the question…

  • Ric

    What an eye sore

  • Dex

    I love it! You guys complain too much.

    • Fapper

      Agree totally… Most that try to be so funny/ sarcastic come off to me as pricks. Comment when you have something positive to say. Shut the fuck up when you don't.

      • A Gentleman

        exactly. people should only make comments that i approve of, amirite?

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