Get low, get dirty and have yourself a good time (33 Photos)

  • joe shabadoo

    nearly all of these are reposts…. thanks

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    Moi qui suis photographe, j'adore la #25

  • bkfrijoles

    #22 hahahaha sounds about right

  • shewentwhoa

    #24 made me laugh so hard.

  • Adrian Bowes

    #25 find her!!!!!!

  • goldengekko1

    #31 that girl is brave to post these pictures must be hard showing them to a new guy for the first time :/

  • Tim

    #6-Ive always thought she had a nice pair

  • lacey

    #31 poor ballerina. being a professional dancer takes a huge toll on your body and mind. Finding a man who is okay with the damage is hard to do, luckily I did. To the men who have a problem with the beauty of hard work, let's see your "perfect feet".

  • tb.Chivette

    #3 looks like a good idea for the weekend.

  • Notknowing

    #2 Dumb ass
    #3 Nice ass

  • Mean Joe

    #31 I'm about to lose 60 lbs cause I won't be able to eat for 2 months

  • pal

    #32 cytherea??

  • sevans

    #21 = TRUTH
    #28 = Winning!
    #31 – Love what you do, but dayuuum.
    #33 = Priceless.

  • JJo

    #31 – NO I WOULDN'T – Oh My God!!!

  • guest

    #12 & #13 sequence: I see what you did there…

  • Lemurz

    That is dumb, I know many professional ballet dancers and their feet don't look like this. You should learn to take care of your feet better.

  • Big Poppa

    #7 mario n luigi downtime

  • epomerance

    #14 you're doing it wrong…

  • yum

    #3 Sara Underwood **drool**
    #16 is damn cute

  • Bob

    #3 and #25…Despite all of what you have been taught, tthese two are doing exactly what they are suppossed to be doing perfectly.

  • Amandine

    #5, #37Watch the Army or the Navy’s drill teams. The marines aren’t alwloed to let the rifle leave their hands to another with a bayonet attached. That’s why they have their scabbards on their belts. The Army and the Navy have the two best drills teams in terms of bearing (Army) and all out skill (Navy).

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