If you like tattoos, get in here (39 Photos)

  • roda

    I love women!! Esp women with tats!!!!

    • The Man

      Thanks for posting before the "douchie-first" guy!!!

    • http://thechive.com F3n1x187

      Second that!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      You misspelled 'tits'.

      – tits!

    • edwardo

      why would these women do something that hurts, is expensive, and makes them look like trash

    • trill

      tats – meh

    • Wiley

      Especially #15 Holy Shit.

    • Scy

      Especially women with dragon tattoos! Hotties after my own heart..,

  • Bob


    • Tim


      • You Idiot

        And you're an idiot for replying to him. Can't you and the rest of the asses who respond to these 'firsters' get it through your thick skulls that they WANT the attention you give them? Or is that just too difficult a concept for your pitiful little minds to wrap around?

        • Jake

          I don't want attention, just the satisfaction of coming first. My girlfriend hates it but I don't mind

        • No you idiot

          And you're an idiot for replying to Tim. Can't you and the rest of the asses who respond to these 'firsters' repliers get it through your thick skulls that they WANT the attention you give them? Or is that just too difficult a concept for your pitiful little minds to wrap around?

          • No you idiot

            Apparently nobody saw what I did there 😦

            • The2nd

              I did haha

          • Everyone else

            No, we did. It just wasn't funny/clever.

            • bassbait

              awwww snap

            • No you idiot

              nah. you just didn't get it. it's cool. i don't expect the mentally challenged to get my jokes.

              • Everyone else

                Accusing someone of being mentally-challenged. *Yawn* What else you got?

                • No you idiot

                  …and the ladies tell me you have a very medium sized penis, but only because I asked. 😉

                  What was snow white's daughters name? Egg White! Get the yolk?

                  Now that's all I got.

  • Alan

    Always an awesome post! Viva le Chive!

  • The Man


  • Ned_Plimpton

    Kept hoping #31 was a gif, but like my penis at a nursing home, it didn't move.

    • SheriffPablo

      You just haven't been visiting the right nursing homes…..

    • Tomas

      That is a very nice ass…. uhhh… what tattoo? There's a tattoo?

      Sorry… was distracted by that fine ass. ❤

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #23 Very cute

    • DaddyD


    • ddd

      she looks somewhat wholesome, but that tattoo makes me think she's a bit crazy…in a good way

      • Jac

        ……………really? only teenagers think/say that kind of shit…..

    • Tomas

      Extremely cute!! 😀

    • Ben

      lol she works with me, the cute is just a face, she is a true blue party girl

    • ben

      she is super nice in real life too.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    I like tattoo's….and butts!

    • Guest

      and he cannot lie!

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    #6 #11
    and I also like nipples!

    • TestaDensa

      I love women with ta…….oh god……..I need a nap.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Is a beautiful picture.

    • guthrie

      Wow enough posts there buddy, leave some space for someone else

      • Fun_with_Numbrs

        Your argument is invalid

  • beasty


    Any MOAR of this beautiful girl????????????

    • ben

      Just so you guys know this pic and the one below are the same girl, she works with me and we both study international relations at university

  • Ash

    Awesome ❤ it, from a fl Chivette. Great meeting yall over the weekend should totally submit some piercing pics. KCCO!

  • Guest97

    MOAR tattoo posts!!!

  • AM1

    I got in here ASAP!

  • PureMeat

    These girls are so fucking hot. Great post.

  • Piper

    #24 seriously, a dragon? Lame. #14 a dude?

    • DaddyD

      And what's wrong with a dragon? Lovely face, great legs, decent rack … she could have a pile of poo inked on her back and I would still propose marriage … or at least a week in Paris.

    • haeddre

      Thinking the same about #14 I don't know.. Not sure if I want to…

      • real talk

        i think you might be a man aswel

        • haeddre

          Damn it you got me! Where do I turn in my borrowed ovaries and boobs? I'm clearly not worthy.. fyi… As well is 2 words

      • SweetSassyMolassy

        thats a man baby!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/osiris916 Ricky Harris

      Pretty sure that's a manchick

    • Brad

      Preying mantis man?

    • Franklin1138

      "Tell me about the ladyboys." –Alan Partridge

  • JD4325

    like using a sharpie on the Mona Lisa, total turn off.

    • BigA39

      The title specifically says "If you like tattoos, get in here" so if you dont like tattoos why did you come in here? so STFU

    • KCCO

      Complete waste of some attractive ladies…. ruined

    • hwath


    • SheriffPablo

      Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

    • Smalls

      Soooo…you looked through an entire post of beautiful tattooed ladies because you don't like em?
      Repressed idiot

      • JD4325

        yep. just giving it another chance. didn't work.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ehbrada Lawrence Panis

      Just like an idiot thinking you meant di vinci used sharpies, you sir, are an idiot. Why bother with a post you aren't gonna like? theCHIVE should create a new post about dumbass people complaining about posts that they looked at knowing they wouldn't like it.

    • marc

      really you compare these sexy women to the fucking mona lisa!!! fucking idiot! get off the post if you dont like women with tattoos

    • Kabul Chiver

      What a douche.

  • Martin_McFly

    #35 Yeeeaaa! Get ya some! – Now kisssss….

    • Tomas

      Someone please FIND the girl on the right!!! B)

  • SteelHorseCowboy

    #24 Damn…. Moar Please….

    • A Gentleman

      of this douchette.

  • me...BN!!!

    #14 might be a man!?!?

    • Jesus

      Quit posting this dude Chive!!

      More like #31 please.

      • A Gentleman

        everyone knows John is gay.

  • The Bandit

    #3 …tattoos…a gun…oh yeah!
    #18 #22…the tattoos…well, not the kind of motive I would have chosen…but man, they're hot!

    • DaddyD


      • The Bandit

        …yep, you're right. Well, in my language motif is written with a "v"….but of course in English my comment above makes a lot less sense now. Well, too late…it's gonna float around the internet forever now….

    • nick

      #22 is Arabella Drummond, british glamour model

    • Karl

      May I point out how much hotter it is that #3 is holding a gun in such a way that she's not going to accidentally kill someone?

  • jode72

    #10 #11 #15 #21

    I like my tattoos with a side of FLBP.

    • boobman

      Good call, #15 almost missed her had to do a double take!!

      • Ryan

        Does that say Devon? If so RUN!!! Run away from the chick that will brand herself with some guys name.. NO matter how nice her body is.. :fact

    • Notknowing

      Absolutly. it's the spice of life….here….

    • Quailman

      for the record, #11 is Sinnah, one of the suicide girls. http://suicidegirls.com/girls/Sinnah/

      prolly NSFW unless you work somewhere awesome. in which case, are you hiring?

      • Quailman

        that site isn't super useful without being a member-just put it as a reference for you all to start your internetting from.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kyle.kirby67?ref=tn_tnmn Kyle Kirby

    we will never be able to stare without being caught again 😥 NOOOOO!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bill.wald Bill Wald

      In our defense, if she put it there, she wants it to be seen. Stare away.

  • guthrie

    #11 and #39 ALL DAY!!!!

  • BigPup

    #5 now kiss…

    • Buzzin_Neon

      radeo would certainly do it…

    • Jonathan


      You're welcome… 🙂

      • kick.it

        you are a kind soul

  • socalmarti

    #4 and #15 were kinda weir pics, someone might need to re-visit helga the hotwaxer!

    • Josh

      Agreed. You could drive a semi between #15's boobs.

    • Fish On

      #4 Slash's sister? Nasty

    • Frank

      I love the FUZZ on # 15!!

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