• SaveFerris

    I bet his pillow looks like someone wiped their ass with it

  • jakeofhearts

    Hahaa. I can tell you firsthand that this is true! As a balding chiver that works as an actor, i have had makeup artists use this stuff on me when the director wanted me to look like i have hair. Stuff is called Toppik and comes in every hair color imaginable.

    And yes, it comes right off in the shower, swimming, or rain. So kinda pointless. Also only works with balding dudes, not bald dudes. Won't work on a chrome dome. I just keep it short and shaved most of the time, nothing is worse than some guy trying to pretend he has hair! Chive on bald guys!!

  • Doozler

    I prefer an unrealistic toupée

  • Dude

    From the translation, it's probably this stuff:

  • drbyronstein

    I have some of the stuff. It works great but sometimes it comes out….and i can't imagine what would happen if you went swimming with it

  • dewarz
  • Chivette

    They have a similar product for women to use for both their eyebrows and eyelashes. It's minute pieces of.. hmm.. fluff? is the best way to describe it. They attach to the small hairs that are already there and fill it in.

  • Vincent

    All this does is take the shine away from the scalp making it appear to have hair. He didn't get more hair from doing this. This isn't rocket science.

  • Matthew T. Hill

    It looks like some sort of colored and magnetized graphite that stands up when its rubbed to appear like hair. Kind of like that 80's toy with the face of that dude that you moved the graphite shards around to give him hair or a beard or whatever.

  • David Allen

    I can do the same shit with a toner cartridge.

  • Shant1k

    the video is playing backwards: what he's holding is a vacuum cutter, they're speaking English backwards and he was never bald.

  • Brendan Nelson

    They told me I could be anything. So I became Wooly Willy.

  • NewtonJamie

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  • Jammy

    I will translate….I am fluent in many languages

    Women: Ladies and gentleman here we have a bald head which I will toxic shit on. You can see that he is a balding loser because he is allowing me to do this. You shake this shit on like you would salt a wild goat for a Saturday Barb-b-Que. Rub it on with the top, being careful not to touch it, your fingernails may fall off.

    Guy: Yes be careful, I tried this on my pelvic region and it hurts like the the sting of a thousand fire ants.

    Girl: Look baldy now has hair and can now stop spanking his monkey to the latest issue of "Tiger Beat" magazine.

  • Cristi

    Testoteron==losing hair!! So? All time ready? So? hair or…. ready?…That's what I meant!

    • Mowwy

      Wtf??? You broke my brain with your babble…

  • BeardLess

    I can finally grow a BEARD!

  • Kelly Ireland

    There are many products available on the market such as this one! There is another product that you spray onto the hair to give it more of a dense look and comes in multiple colors. It is most likely somewhat sweat proof but swimming or getting caught in the rain would be quite comical. He'd be busted in no time!

  • Butt

    when you start to lose your hair just rock the Bruce Willis. thats what I do

  • Ingeriam

    Judging by the 'Ps' (photoshop) pillow on their couch, this may not be real. C'mon, who owns a photoshop pillow unless they know their shit…,just sayin.

  • Timmy

    Just ordered it. I will post a video of me using it on my bald friend. I'll make sure to wear my chive shirt while applying this powder!!!!

  • NebraskaGuy

    All these products to is stain the head so the baldness doesn't show through. Paint the bald head the same color as the hair and you have the illusion of thicker hair.

    If you're going bald, shave it or leave it, but this bs is just a gimmick.

  • asfkkk

    It's obviously being played backwards, with the voices overdubbed later on.

  • grome45

    Just try not to sneeze and you'll be fine.

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  • Baird

    whether its fake or real. that is pretty cool (special effects/miracle shaker).

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