• Arlo G

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • spaceace

    How many colleges wasted their money on spiders?

  • Chris

    I thought this was going to be some sick nano shit, instead it was some cleaner's stuff with some serving trays as hands

    • zigzig

      Ya! look at your laptop and think 30-40 years back.

  • vashfire


  • scooter

    Oh great I already have 80 pounds of kit, now I have to cary this thing around?

  • http://www.thechive.com BOoRadley

    It sucked just fine… and I don't think your going to be to stealthy with this design.

  • Evan

    Stealthy, how many enemies are going to pass it off as the house keepers at 3 am

  • moogle

    I doubt they'll be using it on walls… if you know what I mean

  • misschris

    I was thinking the same thing – cool, but not at all stealthy. But, now that they've done it, they can improve on it. So well done guys. Can't wait til they're all compact and shit and they're selling them at Best Buy!

  • justabill

    Not very stealthy and bulky. But this is proof of concept. Now let's see what military engineers and a huge budget can do with it.

  • GomerPyle

    Go Aggies!

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    "not your average vacuum backpack" seriously?

  • https://www.facebook.com/tony.mosc Tony Mosc

    maybe the airforce can spend money on something that matters? jus sayin

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