Your dress is cutting off the circulation to my brain (25 Photos)

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  • Jonas

    #1 looks really sexy!

  • lello_bayb

    I wanna wife #9

  • Ubdilly

    Been a while Chive, worth the wait though, LOOOOVE TIGHT DRESSES!!! MOAR

  • Iam_Davey

    Dat ass!

  • Frenchiver

    #6 #7 is Zahia. She's a hooker that offered her "services" to half the national french soccer team 😀

    • Flox

      And was under age when she did.

    • dave

      she is amazing…lucky them. and how did you come upon this information?

      • Frenchiver

        The scandal made a big buzz in french media. And as Fox said, she was underage at that time. She's now some kind of model…

  • ukkio

    Yes, they all would make both Spocks exebrows pop up.

  • irons

    #4 FTW

    • PeteDKilluh

      Agreed, who is this?

  • Jason

    Number 20 is amazing. I wish i could find her in Tennessee.

    • littleebird

      Thankyou (: I'm in Nashville!

  • Y U NO


  • Jeff

    #5, the only way your dress could look better: off!

  • Jeff

    #29, saving the best for last. Your smile is so captivating!

  • @Thedude_1620

    #29 saved the best for last

  • HTownDude

    #14 wow, we need moar of this one

  • ramon

    Thank you beauties for posting and can we please get MOAR of #5 and #11.

  • stumeister

    Tight dresses FTW ! …2nd place and 3rd place galleries are a toss up between – Yoga Pants, Camera Phones, Hump & FLBP

  • Brian Johnson

    #14 made this a fap at work day

  • ramon

    moar of #5 & #13

  • Brass

    #23 That's a messy kitchen she is in

  • wimpy

    Make this a weekly post!!!! I need this every week…

  • Muadieb

    #8 Oona Chaplin is smokin'… Game of Thrones anyone?

    • Kiron

      shes just gorgeous in GoT.

  • AAC


  • pop

    need moar #1 #4

  • Dusty

    #18 Takes picture to post on the Internet. Puts arm around stomach, "Don't look at me. I'm fat."

    • Hawk148

      totally agree, if your gonna post, take the jeans off and lose the self consciousness, the only reason they cover their stomach!!!

  • Annoyed

    Fucking ads on the mobile version!!! I hate that shit.

    • Jeff

      Did you get an ad that was added to your bookmarks that you can't remove?

    • guest

      Turn off Java script and the floating ads go away.

  • cay2595


    • poopy

      She's been posted before on a burn bra post, i think Merry Burnsday or something

    • Fruitlover

      She's been on the Wearing a Bra is 7 yrs bad luck post as well, in a white vest lookin' hot as hell 😀

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