Your dress is cutting off the circulation to my brain (25 Photos)

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  • Daniel

    This is probably the best compilation of girls I've ever seen theChive post. So many cyYOOOotiees.

    • littleebird

      Number twenty says thanks (:

  • billyjack13


  • Carbon

    such as way to start a morning of productivity…?

  • JLBugbee

    Awesome post Chive! Thanks

  • bdg

    #10 #13 and #26 Yes,Yes I will……………..

  • dave

    so much quality i don't even know where to begin…

  • jay b


  • Tooomas

    #23 she's to damn hot to be just walkin around here! FIND HER

  • David

    I would Marry #14 – TODAY

  • shralp

    #13 that is a nice hefty bag

  • mrlucky11

    #10 Had to doubletake

  • austin

    #18 why would you ever put jeans over that?

  • cocales

    I think I'm starting to hate Photoshop…………

    • littleebird

      If you were in Tennessee, I'd prove that twenty never touched photoshop (;

  • Dashion

    I demand to know who number 23 is. I have seen three pictures of her so far and need moar

  • Ummagumma

    #7 Alright, underage prostitutes! Making Ribery proud.

  • Andy the Accountant

    #8 the sexy medic from volantis in the game of thrones who married rob stark

  • Se7eneightnine

    This post and hump day are why i see chive everyday!

  • Skedaddle

    #15 #23 and a six pack to go please.

  • Anthony Young

    #4 seriously want to touch the hiney sooooo hot

  • Cecil

    All cute. Let's be honest though, 29 members of the opposite species seeking their knight in lotsamoney.

    • littleebird

      I prefer mine on

      hahaha xoxo number 20

  • jackazz

    #4 #5 #6 #7 all had my pulse pounding… making me want do some pounding as well!!!

  • craigmarchphotography

    #29 she looks fun!

  • tonytone

    #4 that yellow is not making me mellow

  • b2bomber

    i'm in tears! no really!

  • skinnykin

    #12 You could track me down using the imprint of my dentures on her derriere.

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