Black is Beautiful (34 Photos)

  • Mclovin

    Great thread! Black IS beautiful!

    • eino


      • Whorebait


        Nailed it


      • cleojones

        ditto on all that!!

    • humpty

      BBC is taking over white women – they crave the BBC superiority and you sissy white boys can do nothing but watch. The revolution is happening – you watch!

      • point

        thumbs down because it's true. Modern American Marriage 101 kids.

      • Haha

        To bad your mom loves to fuck white guys hahaha

        • humpty

          She does, actually.

      • WhiteGuy

        what are you talking about humpty??

        this is why nobody likes blacks…you get one post on the Chive and all of a sudden you're calling white guys sissies and talking about some black revolution. chill the hell out and just act normal…

        • humpty

          1. I'm white; hung like I'm black so I have nothing to worry about.
          2. google "BBC and white women" or "hotwives and cuckolds"
          2a. report back what you find.

    • nahh

      fawk that, 99% of black girls got nasty ass attitudes.

      • Chivers

        bunch of fat ass, ghetto, ignorant bitches

        • asdf

          haha and all white women are slim, perfectly shaped and educated…….seems legit, well can't really expect more from people raised on tv and the internet.. A site like this is only as good as it's followers, and majority seem to be little racist products of incest.

      • Tony

        Not just that I cant get over the smell and grease on everything, pretty gross…

      • cleojones

        not all

    • fact

      ummm, no. black is NOT beautiful

      • Jomomma

        That what I was thinking its not beautiful it's black that's like saying a carpet is really a sink doesn't make any damn since

      • asdf

        neither is white. but turquoise is really pretty.

    • pretty smile


    • White is Right

      I'd rather get tricked by one of the Chive's tranny posts that look at this crap.

    • asdasd

      Just black, as in like African, is not beautiful IMO. I just don't find anything attractive about them. Half black is different because really the only thing passed from her african gene is skin tone. Most black-european women look very european except for their darker skin tone, which makes me discount half black women when people say black is beautiful, because there's not much African left in them.

      Not to mention most black people(at least in the US) have a huge chip on their shoulder and love to hate. 200 years ago, something that was socially acceptable becomes modern time's grudge against white people. You don't see Japanese American people constantly crying hate crime against every little thing a caucasian does, and we completely leveled two of their biggest cities. Give it up.

      • Jimmy Hoffa

        Preach brother!!!

  • douchey


    • DMFMcKenzie

      Your name certainly fits you.

    • jmdmn

      Because they have "Black is beautiful" but would never get away with "White is beautiful"?

      Either way, I'm liking #11

      • videologic

        Nobody ever mentions anything when there is an Asian thread and then everyone votes up comments like "Me rove you rong time". So calling this one racist is a bit dumb.

        Also with the "white is beautiful" thing, that might be acceptable if 98% of the girls posted on here were black, but they are not, they are white, so a white is beautiful would be stupid

        • snakedoc

          lol people did comment about the biggotry toward asians. Its just Chive makes fun of asians so much you must have missed it.

          • snakedoc

            they're prolly makin this black is beautiful thread cuz maybe they got threatened by black people and got scurred.


      yall are killng me!!!! Charlize Theron is African American…..shes hot!!!! Halle Berry looks half white, shes hot!!!! there not many peeps who are 100% anything, except dumb, for writing a post like u did!!! do gingers get pissed for the redhead post?? im done, ur a douche fosho!!!

      • justalittleresearch

        Chalize Theron is caucasion, born in South Africa. That is not African American

        • justalittleresearch


          • Problem?


        • Josh Douglas

          African American is not a race, it's a nationality. She is an African American.

          • kigero

            Charlize Theron is South African. That's her nationality you moron. African-American is someone of African decent born in America not someone who moved there when they where 18 and doesn't hold a U.S passport

            • Pootank

              She does hold a US passport, she has dual citizenship….

            • Josh Douglas

              Wow, you are a fool. By your logic, when someone moves to a country and becomes a citizen, they lose the right to claim where they were originally from?

              • Mike

                So by your logic, since she can lays claim to her nationality, she's South African.

                • This..

                  How about…Who the fuck cares?

            • J. Blow

              The term African American Is so retarded!! How are you going to categorize a race of people to a whole continent. A continent that has countries that are predominately blacks, whites, and middle eastern. The term African American for someone like Charlize Theron who was actually born in Africa and is know a U.S. citizen makes way more sense then saying black people whos generations have been here in the U.S. for over a century and have never even stepped foot into Africa are African Americans!! They are Black Americans. What about blacks from Jamaica? Its would be insult to them to be called African American! What about blacks in Europe, you think they are called African Europeans? Or African Germans!?? Etc…Nooo. Just like we dont call white people European Americans, or Irish Americans, Etc.. Fuck all this political correctness bullshit and assholes like Jesse Jackson who promote this garbage!!

  • samwise

    Top of the line

    • st33

      This just in…Cuban's are now black

      • Jesus

        Yes, there is a black population in Cuba..

    • Rosa

      Back of the bus.

  • Big A

    I love me some light chocolate

    • Woop

      Amen brother amen.

    • RealZoo

      #4 #7 #14 #19 #28…………….Agreed. Light, dark, milk…it's all good!!!

      • I likes mah dranks

        Agreed all the ladies right there and then some in this post are stunning keep those posts coming

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #11 Gorgeous

    • Forest

      The overlap of BIB and FLBP is frequent and AWESOME! #14 #17 #21 #30 #34

      • WhiteGuy

        the abundance of disgusting hair and lips, however, makes me want to throw up…


        • JESSE

          you eat weiners

    • JESSE

      I'm not NOT looking at your cleavage

    • pretty smile


    • DoomsDayDub

      Agreed. Nice to start seeing some actual black Chivette's as opposed to only celebrity pictures. Keep submitting ladies!



  • Jerry

    #34 Schabanga. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Max

    #4 is stunning. Find her, post her, make her a star.

    • Jaives

      I second this. There should be a black chivette. And an asian one. and probably a south american one. Hmm… can't decide now.

    • Mikey

      Isabel Correa and you're welcome.
      Yes, she is beautiful.

    • Pete

      3rd!! She is gorgeous!

  • vuvuzela

    #16 Damn

    • Wreckless

      yaris sanchez

    • whosyopapi

      now THAT is a hump

  • RF3

    #25 for the all-time win

    • Woop

      She will break you and you will like it.

      • Master_Rahl

        and will ask for more

    • workingbruin

      #25 Ava Cowan is hot!

    • Ummagumma

      That bikini is tiny.

    • chbeers

      nom nom nom

    • hwath

      Ava Cowan. Not black. Still strangely hot. Still would whoop my ass.

    • Just the Plain Truth

      it's a man.

  • upy3rz

    I dig all flavors of BEWBz…#13 & #34

  • NJF

    #7 Nice. ;D

    • Barf

      MOAR! Find her!!!

    • Larry

      She's hot. Built like a champ.

    • Trinitiger

      FIND HER — MOAR!!!

  • tv_paul

    #34 Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      especially with chocolate milk

  • bib18

    Not all of these chicks look black. It doesn't matter, but you shouldn't group them as "black" anyway – just maybe "hot".

    • smh


    • Toro

      Shut up bib18

    • PA2AK

      Maybe they should do a post for dark brown, mocha, red brown, sandy brown, beaver, peru, smokey topaz, russet, etc. Then they could change the redheads to an individual post for red, titian, strawberry blonde, copper, chestnut, auburn, etc. They should also change the Hump Day to small hump, medium hump, juicy hump, perfectly round hump, apply hump, fit hump, etc. OOOOOORRRRR you could not be a d-bag, remove your bib, grow up, and realize that just because things are grouped together doesn't mean they are offensive or meant to be offensive or declared exactly the same. The most commonly used term is black. It shouldn't be any more offensive than being called white. Furthermore…you're very existence on this planet guarantees that you will be offended repeatedly over the course of your life. Chive on…

      • NDChiver

        Git em PA2AK! Git em!!!

        • DavyJones

          somehow I don't think "white is beautiful" would fly

          • WhiteGuy

            …but white IS beautiful

          • Bee

            Because 90% of the girls on here are white.

      • ckron247

        Fuck yeah… Well said PA2AK! Thank you.

      • cleojones

        right on Pa2ak!!!

    • skinnykin

      Very well stated.

  • scorpio

    #16 Damn!

  • chris


    • passwordistaco

      still on dial-up huh? BTW my favorite post ever!

  • khyzer

    #27 thank you very much

    • Damn Right

      cuban? cuban isn't black chive hahaha

      • Damn Right

        I'm an idiot who doesn't know anything about history

    • dirtysteve99

      Black is Cuban?

      • jreddy23

        How bout…"Color Is Captivating" That should cover all their bases.

        • James Keogh



          She is beautiful

      • JESSE

        There are a lot of black people in the Caribbean because of slave trade two centuries ago. Sorry for the reminder/downer but facts is facts. And because there is no way to segue out of that I'll be blunt and say this chick is crazy hot.

        • dirtysteve99

          I guess it's up to her to see how she likes herself identified, a lot of people are mixed race, but are tagged as black.

          She is crazy hot though.

    • Shearer

      Yup, she wins.

  • Undershooter30

    All of them are great but #3 and #34 caught my eye

    • WI Eagle

      Yeah, #3, yowza. Moar please!

  • Alex

    #7, #8, #19 and #30 indeed black is beautiful!

    • jreddy23

      #30…NOW JUMP!

    • Justen Katzman

      19 is meghan good and 30 is a sports illustrated model…..but they can all get the business

  • eino

    #11 Please find her……stunning

  • BigPup

    #17 #8 #14 Holy hot DAYUM!

    • bigcityreem


    • Franklin1138

      17 isn't Brandy, is it?

  • Jungle Fever

    Had my first black girl over spring break couple months ago. An experience I'll never forget.

    • JESSE

      Why is that a big deal? – a white guy

      • ZachBob

        obviously you've never tasted the chocolate.

    • Agent Johnson

      Yeah, that's the first time I got the clap too…

    • God

      black chicks are easy as hell. they're such sluts. true story.

  • Mike

    #30 find her please!!!

    • milpool

      Lola Monroe ("angel" "lola luv")

      • milpool

        Oh, and prepare for some serious ass

        • Mike

          Haha thank you sir, you have made my day!!!

        • Unfkngblvbl

          wow, you weren't kidding about the ass.

    • jreddy23

      I remember the first time I saw her as a video-ho in a G-Unit video…don't think I blinked or closed my mouth the entire time.

    • gross


  • BigPup

    #34 Their always after me lucky charms!

    • bigcityreem

      Let's find her please.

    • Marcus


      • ray

        who cares lol

  • Jeff Proper

    all sexy as hell!

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