Hot Right Now: Weekend Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

‘Call Me Maybe’ gets the meme treatment (18 Photos)

  • HotMomma

    #11 made me laugh. Great movie!

  • Lalalaaaaa

    #18. I guffawed.

  • Kyle

    Wow I have tears in my eyes. Great post Chive!

  • nick

    the chive is getting less funny

  • sfb101

    Too fuckin' funny! Made my day…

  • David Potak

    Hahaha… The best is saved for last!

  • Timmm

    #18 I laughed the hardest at this and my grandfather died of the disease. sometimes you just gotta laugh and KCCO!

  • Richard Adam Branning

    Thank you! I needed this laugh today. I just heard this lame song yesterday too.

  • Pugsley89

    Good thing I was sitting on the toilet when I read #10 cuz I pooped a little

  • sweets

    God I hate that song, but this shit was hilarious

  • Ryan Kelly

    Ha ha.

  • Bahaha

    Holy shit, I'm at work looking like an idiot laughing my ass of at this post! Well done Chive!

  • psychoace

    Hey, I just sexed you
    and this is crazy
    but I have Herpes
    so sorry maybe?
    and all the other boys
    started chafing
    so here's a number
    to the clinic baby.

  • cbbred

    Albus: Hey, I just met you.
    Albus: And this is crazy.
    Albus: But your sister just died.
    Petunia: ….
    Albus: So here's her baby.

  • Larry

    How many of you sang the song in your head while reading

  • Travis Marttila
  • Travis Marttila
  • Travis Marttila
  • Travis Marttila
  • Travis Marttila
  • Jimbo

    #7 Hey, I just met you and this is crazy
    But I'm a dingo and i ate your baby.

  • Trow

    I lol'ed hard #3 and #10

  • FarmBoy

    #14 Find Her Maybe?

  • gradymedic

    Best thread ever..

  • hmm

    Song paradoy

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