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  • AtlChiver

    Only Han can make YOLO tolerable and only for a moment. #9

    • Craigery

      Still intolerable.

      • EmAychCay

        Correct. Never tolerable. Ever. Period. Lame ass hipster wanna-be's.

        • greg

          Can't they just say Carpe Diem? Is it really that hard?

          • thorthechiver

            No cuz Carpe Diem's been used before. Hipsters knew about yolo before it was cool


      I think it's funny how people attach YOLO to mundane shit like having a party or drinking. If you're going to use it, at least make it justifiable by skydiving or cagefighting or something actually high risk.

  • BaLLs

    #10 DAMN YOU SSD!

  • holyshmit

    #22 yep. But not as much as I fucking hate incorrectly place advert bars that take up half of my blackberry's already tiny fucking screen

  • drbman

    #22 Anne hathaway yummy especially in love & other mm goodness.

  • 1911

    I never thought she was that hot, but this pic is an exception

  • BlevinsPerry

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  • @theterryburke

    #9 i find this extremely insulting to Han Solo, Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones

    • Craigery

      Unfortunately, Harrison Ford isn't nearly as cool as any of the characters he's famous for.

      • Craigery's Mom

        Says the douche who had clearly met the man. Your Internet time is up son.

  • Craigery

    #24 Sorry dude, but the mother did most of the "making". Your sole contribution was a single sperm cell.

  • Larry

    #5 couldn't stop laughing.

  • electric boogalo

    #8 uh, it's m/s^2. sheesh.

    • Will

      I was hoping someone else would catch that too.

  • frsusman

    That's it we're all screwed.

  • Sup

    #20 Catch line from Bobcat Goldthwait's stand-up. Definitely worth watching.

    • ROR

      Bobcat? Is that you?

  • Jay

    #22. Yeah, they're just as annoying as banners on the screen.

  • Suicidal_Chimp

    #3 OMG DOTA!!!!!!

  • Shazzbot7

    got a good laugh out of this one #20

  • Grant


    Invisible Crocodiles….Now we're really fucked!!

  • tapsnapornap

    I clearly need a nap like the sleeping Chinese post…I thought #6 said Baboon, and I got all confused. Then I got mad because it wasn't funny. Then I realized I'm r-tarded.

  • Pheerme

    #3 Why does your mom think your a women and your clint think your a man?

  • SadeShadz

    #12 xD

  • Buster Cherry

    Brings jar full of bees to class for show and tell. Fumbles jar and it breaks on the floor.

    • Busta Hymen

      I don't even…. are you…

      This is what you think comedy is?

    • Pheer MZ

      your meme is bad and you should feel bad
      the joke like most memes is quite predictable this doesn't mean that they can't be funny but the punch line has to come really, really fast ideal on word or if more then one something like a catch phase that you can read in under about 0.5 sec. that's why so many BLB meme end with "Dies"
      Brings jar full of bees to class for show and tell
      Breaks it
      or you can take it in an unexpected direction, like add "Crush allergic to bee stings"
      Over analysing is fun

  • Kid
  • brown dog

    #8 First thing I thought was, "WIND RESISTANCE!!!"

    Then realized it was a sex joke. My life sucks.

  • crazydog

    #1 My name is stanley, spelled with a lowercase exclamation point

  • bkfrijoles

    #12 that a great way to tell everybody

  • glenco

    i feel like i have lost my sense of humour. didnt laugh once in this post.

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