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Chivettes bored at work (27 Photos)

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  • TorqueJL

    By the looks of most of these pictures it seems like I need to be going to the hospital a lot more often.

  • Jack

    #25 I would drive to Tulsa tonight and give you anything you wanted!

  • Pedro

    Holy Wendy Peffercorn #13. I Now miss guarding:)

  • nickolaas

    #24 i love you!

  • webster3

    Not a word of lie, #12 tried to take my pants off at a party… Seeing this now, I wish I went through with that.

  • http://thechive bp

    #22 is she a cab driver? Lol

  • Jeff

    Gabbie? lol desperate?

  • TJO12082

    #1 #11 #22

  • Anonymous

    #25 wow. That is all

  • Highwater Henry

    #25 Please find her!!!! Gotta love them Oklahoma girls! Hope I could bump in to her some day in the future!

  • BamfoRT(R)

    Noticed a lot of scrubs in this post…I work in a hospital…where the Hell are all these chivettes?! I've got an empty darkroom if they are that bored!

  • Landyn Shipley

    #11 if you work at sanford I may have to injure myself to have an excuse to go in

  • Joeschmoe

    #8…. I could make office work a lot less boring for you.

  • dennieyo

    #13 i can't breath! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

  • Ryan coats

    #13 here' my number so call me maybe( I'm a lifeguard too)

  • iLoveRocknRoll

    Chive, you totally make my day when I see myself posted with all the other beautiful women on here!!!! I'll keep sending in shots for all the Chivers!!!! XxooxX
    Luv your loyal BC Chivette

    • iLoveRocknRoll

      Oh, should mention, I'm #15!!

  • @JDougE09

    #25 maybe I'll see you around town! 😉 MOAR

  • IceColdBuddha



    • IceColdBuddha



    • JillLeah

      Oh 24 🙂 Look it's me ! I did send in moar haha Sadly they didn't make it here
      Next time!

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #3 True Blood is back already??

  • Greg Hankins

    MOAR #13 dammit!

  • Onslaught70

    #25 you should get bored more often 😉

  • McGurk


  • naughtygrog

    #11 Why do my doctors/nurses never EVER look like this?

  • Brett Butler

    MOAR of #13 and #25 bored at work please!

  • Ben_in_Utah

    oh my god girls are awesome!!

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