• taz062901

    I love them all

  • brandon

    Like said many times before. "Some guys just wanna watch the world Burn. !"

  • Quinn

    You know it's funny you mention that, I'm actually accepting applications for a girlfriend and I'm not really supposed to do this, but I'll consider this a entry and just ignore all the rest. I'm kind of a big deal around here…
    …people know me…
    …just think about it…

  • Galen

    Good Show Heather!

  • Jacker

    What happend to #14 AND #15????

  • discowheels

    Heather, don't listen to all the haters. You are beuatiful, and your ex is an idiot. Good luck finding a new guy, he is out there somewhere waiting for you! And # 8 and #9 are drop dead sexy.

  • da goober

    single chivettes is good news for any single chiver 😉
    if you are rollin thru orange county, CA – can i buy you a drink, or two. KCCO

  • steve

    WOW, that is all

  • mopmonkey

    Beautiful woman. I'm not nearly tired of her shit yet. MOAR please,anytime.

  • Fuckedyoursister

    Haha you queers! This has crazy written ALL over it.

    Cant trust or respect someone who is vindictive and posts half naked pics of themselves all over the internet.

    Definitely a keeper.

  • Jeremy

    Was this taken down recently? Can anyone else not see the gallery?

    • Matt

      i know, right?? i'm dying to see…

  • Brad

    Wuld be nice if I could see a pic of her!

  • rikooprate

    she looks expensive…

  • Mike

    Webpage not loading :*(

  • Animal

    I can't see the pics….Super sad face.

  • Amazed

    My god what beautiful words…

  • Just search!
  • Azazel

    Not the same post…

  • dayo

    where are these pics?

  • Jesse

    Wow…. How can I contact her

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Weird how the post is empty but all other items normally on the page are present. I am using a PC, not mobile, if it matters. Probably not, because this about a month old post now, and she probably isn't single anymore. Wish you guys could help me find a Chivette. :$

  • Vixen


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    thank you

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